Saturday, June 21, 2014

Amazing UFO Photos Show Object Changing Direction and Shape, Florida

At first blush this would appear to be a meteor or space junk crashing through the atmosphere. Due to its precise circular appearance, the fact that it changed direction and form, it becomes very difficult to explain this sighting. 

Santa Rosa County is home to some unexplained phenomena, but this past Friday the 13th, one Navarre Beach woman saw something no one has identified.
Trisha James took these incredible images over Navarre Beach Florida

James photos clearly show the object as circular and morphing into two entirely different shapes

Trisha James was enjoying a sunset on the deck of her Navarre Beach home when she noticed what she thought was vapor trails.

“I grabbed my Nikon and tried to zoom in on the aircraft. The trails were coming from all directions."

See more photos of the object. >>

James took a series of photographs from about 6:53 p.m. to approximately 7 p.m. as the object flew by. The fiery orb approached from the east and headed southwest directly over the Gulf before it landed in the water. As it changed directions, James said the object seemed to change shape.
"Seeing it in 3D, I saw the orb actually turn into two orbs — one smaller than the other," she said. "Both were on fire or emitting heat. It was not a straight-flying object."

When the excitement was over, she went back inside her home to examine the images.

"When I uploaded the photographs, I could not see an aircraft. It was just a ball of fire," James said. "I thought, ‘Did I just catch a meteor? Is it space junk? A UFO?’ “

Retired and an environmental advocate, James spends a lot of her time surveying the beach. With Navarre’s proximity to Hurlburt Field, James said she’s often noticed unexplained activity.

"I have seen things that I want to badly to photograph or video so I can show them to my friends on Facebook," she said.

Hurlburt Field officials could not identify the images and that there was no base activity at the time that could have produced the image.

James also checked and NASA’s website to see if there were any similar reports.

"I originally thought it was just commercial aircraft," she said. "Now, I’m just baffled."
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