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UFO & The Aliens - 'Closer Than We Think - Full Documentary

This is a well thought out and well presented documentary, I think you will enjoy it.

Global UFO sightings. The Aliens, Closer than We Think - Discovery Channel full Documentary.

How Do You Tell Your Family You Have Been Abducted By Extraterrestrials?

HASTINGS, England—Telling your family and friends that you've been abducted by aliens is hard. Even harder is revealing to them you may actually be part extraterrestrial.
A team of self-described alien investigators recently delivered that second bit of news to Adam Chatterton, 34 years old, a normal-looking Englishman. Using a technique known as "dowsing," the team says it identified residues on Mr. Chatterton suggesting he may have otherworldly origins.
Mr. Chatterton, who manages a riding stable, took the revelation in stride. "It wasn't that much of a shock," he said, adding that he suspected as much for some time.
The tests on Mr. Chatterton were arranged by Joanne Summerscales, founder of the Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee, Helpline Project, or AMMACH. The British group provides counseling and support to people who have had the troubling experience of believing they have had contact with aliens.
Mr. Chatterton and around 40 others convened last month in this seaside town for AMMACH's annual conference, which aims to encourage close encounters with people who claim to have had close encounters. Admission was £45, or about $75, including a light lunch of quiche and salad.
This year's conference may come at a particularly important time. Ms. Summerscales and others at the meeting say our intergalactic neighbors may be close to revealing themselves to the public at large, an event that would have important implications in many areas.
"It changes everything about everything," Ms. Summerscales said. "So it's quite big."
Scientists say it is certainly possible that intelligent life exists somewhere in the universe, even probable depending on the number of Earth-like planets out there and a few other conditions. But the odds that aliens hit Earth out of the vast cosmic dartboard and had the technological capability to make the trip are extremely low, they say.
Such arguments carry little weight with many people. A Reuters Ipsos poll of 23,000 adults across the world in 2010 found that 20% not only believe aliens exist but say they even walk among us disguised as people.

In the three years since founding her group, Ms. Summerscales, who doesn't recall being abducted herself, says she has been in touch with around 1,500 people who say they have had contact with aliens. People like Mike Smith, who in a speech at the conference said that he had been contacted and abducted multiple times by otherworldly entities—perhaps aliens, perhaps creatures from another dimension.
"I don't want to be a nutter who's been abducted," said Mr. Smith, 64, a traveling musician, "but I am."
Many at the conference rejected the "nutter" label. Geoffrey Crockford, a retired occupational hygienist who is a member of the team that tested Mr. Chatterton, said his team's discoveries show aliens have visited and continue to visit the Earth.

Geoffrey Crockford tested a pair of trousers for alien residues
The group spends much of its time hopscotching around Europe, identifying supposed alien burial and spacecraft landing sites. They use metal dowsing rods, which are held parallel and then swing into a crossed position, they say, in the presence of elements, such as iridium, supposedly left behind by extraterrestrials. Iridium is a rare element in the Earth's crust, but is often found in meteorites.
What do the aliens want? It is unclear, but they probably mean no harm, Mr. Crockford said at the conference. He suspects they abide by some sort of cosmic convention that forbids harming other intelligent life.
"The one thing we're worried about is they found out what we're doing, and that would blow their cover," Mr. Crockford said. "Then they might react to that."
A reporter asked him whether it was possible that aliens read The Wall Street Journal.
"Probably not," Mr. Crockford said.
Reports of alien abduction in the U.K. and elsewhere have become more frequent and complex since the 1960s, when an American couple's alleged encounter with a spacecraft in New Hampshire became one of the first widely publicized abduction stories.
"What you find is that they're all trying to outdo each other," said David Clarke, a journalism professor at Sheffield Hallam University who has studied reports of alien abduction but doesn't believe in them. "Not only do you have to be abducted, you've got to have had hybrid babies with them as well."
Take Simon Parkes, for example: a driving instructor and Labour Party town councilor in Whitby, who told Ms. Summerscales in a videotaped interview several years ago that he was taken by an alien he called the Cat Queen, who later bore him a child named Zarka. Also, his real mother is a green alien with eight fingers, he said.
Many discussions about alien abduction come down to two questions: Are they making it up? And if not, are they crazy? But Mr. Parkes said in an interview that he rarely hears such questions.
"The interesting thing is, I announced all this, and then I was elected," Mr. Parkes said. "I'm the man who fixes the streetlights when they're not working."
The U.K. Ministry of Defence was for a while an object of scrutiny for the alien obsessed. The military had a classified program starting in the 1950s that monitored UFO reports, but the task of responding to the public's inquiries became too onerous. The government closed it during budget cuts in 2009, at which point the entire program consisted of one person behind a desk.
"The Ministry of Defence has no expertise or role in respect of UFO/flying saucer matters or to the question of the existence or otherwise of extraterrestrial life-forms, about which it remains totally open-minded," the UFO desk officer wrote in one of many declassified documents now in the U.K. National Archives that appear to contain no evidence of alien contact with humans.
Colin Woodford, a retired British Airways ground-crew worker attending the conference, doubts the government released all its UFO files. "They're just putting out some froth," he said.
As the meeting ended, Nigel Hughes, a member of Mr. Crockford's team, announced a special attraction: "a pair of trousers from a well-documented U.F.O. encounter."
The pants belonged to a man who reported being dragged along the ground in Scotland by an alien spacecraft in 1979.
"We're very fortunate," Mr. Hughes said.
Soon, Mr. Crockford was waving his dowsing rods over the torn black pants, as a crowd looked on. The results were inconclusive.

Facebook Manipulated Users Emotions in Massive Experiment

The disturbing thing about this study are not the results but the fact that Facebook used it subscribers as guinea pigs without telling them.  Not only that but Facebook actually changed the content of the news feeds people received. What would happen if the government or Facebook wanted to have a news blackout on a subject they wanted to keeps secret from the public.  I understand that it may seem trivial to a lot of people but where do you draw the line with this type of behavior.

Facebook manipulated users emotions as part of psychological experiment – study

Facebook conducted a psychological experiment on its users by manipulating their emotions without their knowledge, a new study reveals.
Researchers toyed with the feelings of 689,003 randomly selected English-speaking Facebook users by changing the contents of their news feed, according to a paper published in the June edition of the journal 'Proceedings of the National Academy of Scientists' (PNAS).

During a week-long period in January 2012, researchers staged two parallel experiments, reducing the number of positive or negative updates in each user's news feed.

"When positive expressions were reduced, people produced fewer positive posts and more negative posts; when negative expressions were reduced, the opposite pattern occurred. These results indicate that emotions expressed by others on Facebook influence our own emotions, constituting experimental evidence for massive-scale contagion via social networks," said the authors of the paper, who include researchers from Facebook, Cornell University, and the University of California.

“We also observed a withdrawal effect: People who were exposed to fewer emotional posts (of either valence) in their News Feed were less expressive overall on the following days.”

The researchers indicated that the successful study is the first to find that moods expressed via social networks influence the emotions of others.

“These results suggest that the emotions expressed by friends, via online social networks, influence our own moods, constituting, to our knowledge, the first experimental evidence for massive-scale emotional contagion via social networks, and providing support for previously contested claims that emotions spread via contagion through a network.”

The Facebook users were not notified of the experiment. However, according to Facebook's terms of service (to which every person agrees when they register on the social network), users’ data may be used “for internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research and service improvement.”

The researchers argue that their experiment was consistent with Facebook’s Data Use Policy.

The paper also stated that the researchers never saw the content of the actual posts; instead, they relied on a computer which counted the occurrence of positive and negative words in more than three million status updates. Those posts contained a total of 122 million words; four million of those were positive (3.6%) and 1.8 million were negative (1.6%).

The significance of the research was reduced to a very small percentage, as the “emotional contagion” was estimated at only 0.1 percent. However, one can argue that with more than 1.3 billion Facebook users worldwide, that small percentage still includes a significant amount of people.


Family Films UFO Releasing Two Smaller UFOs or Probes Over Spain

A Great UFO Sighting or a Clever Hoax in Germany? - Video

It is my opinion that this is simply a clever hoax and not a genuine UFO, but it is making the rounds on the internet and I expect it to go viral in a day or two.

Triangular UFO over Kassel, Germany on June 26, 2014
 Triangular UFO over Kassel, Germany on June 26, 2014Triangular UFO over Kassel, Germany on June 26, 2014

Note that accompanied video
During a trip to the park with his son, this father caught an odd sight in the sky over over Kassel, Germany, a triangular UFO! Real or fake?

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UFO Transfers Energy To Witness in Oregon

UFO Hunters Comments
About the channel banner.... In 2011 during the height of activity, a type of energy (like static electricity w/light greenish aura) made contact with my hand and down my arm on more than a few occasions. Could we be observing a similar transfer of energy with a light being in this video?

UFO News Reports From Around The World - Spacing Out

A witness recalls a UFO encounter that affected his motorcycle's engine. That and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

This episode includes stories about:
  • Museum additions to be revealed at Roswell UFO Festival
  • Pink UFO strikes again
  • Construction on new alien-hunting telescope
  • UFO shuts down motorcycle's engine

Australian UFO and Alien Hunters Are Unstoppable And Number 34,000

Australia’s alien UFO hunters number 34,000 and use 85 million computer hours

NOT even soaring electricity costs can stop Australia’s most enthusiastic alien hunters.

Almost 1.5 million people worldwide contribute to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence through SETI@Home, allowing personal computers and devices to analyse radio signals from space while they are idle.

SETI, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, originated in the 1960s, when a group of radio astronomers began to search the skies for intelligent life outside Earth.

Australia’s Parkes radio telescope became an important part of the search in the mid 1990s and now 34,000 Aussie enthusiasts are among the most dedicated to the search. In SETI rankings, we currently sit 6th in the world — just behind Japan and ahead of the French.

Rows of strange lights snapped in the skies above Sydney in 2007

r David Anderson, director of SETI@Home with Berkeley University, said many of their members have been involved in the project for over 10 years and are enthusiastic about the possibilities.

“Current we’re logging about 2.5 billion computer hours per year total, and about 85 million by Australian volunteers,” he said.

Aussies have dedicated 1.3 billion computer hours in the 15 years the SETI project has been running and one of those dedicated locals is Simon Wong from Sydney, Australia’s leading individual contributor.

Ranked 11th in individual standings, Mr Wong is contributing an estimated 1.4 million computational hours a year.

“I do have multiple systems involved, including desktops, laptops, plus systems I’ve put together for my brother who’s happy to contribute to SETI@Home under my name,” Mr Wong said.

“I don’t mind that I seem to be getting higher in the contribution rankings.”

Mr Wong believes in the possibility of life outside Earth, but his interest lies more in the science behind the SETI@Home project.

“I’m primarily interested in helping this Berkeley-driven project from a software engineering or scientific point of view,” he said. “How can we best process this mass of radio signal data efficiently and cost-effectively?


The Day I Died (NDE) - Consciousness Documentary

If your looking for one of the best video's on Near Death Experiences (NDE) than you have found it with this BBC documentary. Featuring many of the top scientist and experts in the field.

This film features many in depth case studies of Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences. These cases are examined by believers and skeptics alike giving you a very balanced look at the subject. No film will give you all the answers but if your of an inquiring mind this is a great starting point.

BBC has stopped showing this documentary and has taken all the ciopies of the film off the market. They have been accused of supporting alternative or fringe sciences. 

The Day I Died - NDE - Consciousness Documentary by spiritsandbeyond

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Mass UFO Sighting By Texas Neighborhood - Photos

Texas neighbors watch low flying triangle UFO

A Texas witness at Gainesville reported an “entire block filled with people” watched a large, triangle-shaped UFO that moved low over her neighborhood about 11 p.m. on June 26, 2014, according to testimony in Case 57403 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was returning home from work and traveling along Tyler Street in Gainesville when she noticed the entire block filled with people looking up into the sky and talking about a UFO.

“Many took footage on cell phones,” the witness stated. “The lights were lined up horizontally, and then right before it disappeared, the lights instantly lined up vertically as if the object turned on its side and then sped away.”

The witness said the object was very large.

“Looked like a solid object larger than a plane. No feelings other than awe.”

The witness said that a relative took cell phone video. Three images were provided with the MUFON report, which was filed on June 27, 2014 – Image 1, Image 2 and Image 3.

Gainesville is a city in and the county seat of Cooke County, TX, population 16,002.

Texas MUFON is investigating. 


Two Witnesses Have Missing Time After UFO Sighting - NY, 1964

“This happened fifty years ago in Rockville Center, NY, I was thirteen years old when it happened,” Alice explained.

She and another eight grade friend named Mary planned to go Trick or Treating. Alice acknowledges, “We were a little old to be going but we wanted to go one last time, just the two of us.”
The two girls were walking down the street when Mary said “Look at the moon, it’s so bright!”
Alice looked up remarking, “That’s not the moon, that’s a street light.”
Those were the last words that either girl spoke about it. Alice clarified, “The UFO was over us; hovering. It came in fast…from a moon sized perspective to a street light in front of us, to right over us.”
Alice describes remembering the bright light, “I have a picture in my mind of where we were when we noticed the bright light.”
She says that after that her memory is a mosaic. She remembers the bright light leaving rapidly in a different direction from which it came. She recalls running down someone’s driveway and into their backyard, both girls wanting to chase the bright light, but it was gone.
Alice remembers that the two girls rang the bell of that house and excitedly told them about the bright object they had just seen. The people in the house were irritated and yelled at the two teenagers, something about it being too late to be trick or treating. They were told to go home and with that the people slammed the door in the girl’s faces. The two teens while annoyed at the people’s reaction remained excited about what they had just seen.
Yet when the young women returned to Alice’s house the oddest thing happened. Her mother shouted at the pair, complaining that they had been out “too late!” Both girls thought that they had been out less than an hour; the pair were at a loss to explain to Alice’s mom why they were gone for many hours. Alice was ordered to bed and Alice’s mom drove Mary home.
Alice reminisces, “I think we both were grounded for a couple of weeks. Both of us tried to talk about what happened to us with our folks. God knows we sure I tried, but we were just a couple of teenage girls, nobody took us serious or believed us.”
Alice says that she has no actual recollection of actually being abducted. Her strongest memory is of being scolded for not being able to account for the nearly four hours that the two girls had been gone.
She states frankly, “I don’t really know if any time had passed or not. I only know what we experienced … that it was a bright white light, we had no fear, when it was over us, close, and that it was perhaps 3-5 feet diameter.”
Alice tells us that throughout her life until now, when she told close friends about this event, no one has ever believed her. She considers her close encounter with that bright orb so long ago like a deeply shamanic experience.
“I don’t really care if anyone believes me or not. I know what I saw. I just wanted to put out the thought that maybe some of the UFO’s people are seeing are of a spiritual nature.”
She added these final remarks, “My friend and I had no fear, we were sad to see it leave, and felt love for it. It was a love experience if that makes sense to say.”


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Stunning UFO Video Shot Over A Mountaintop In Murrieta California

This new incredible UFO footage was shot on June 25, 2014 over a mountain top in Murrieta, California. 

Posters Comments
These 12 lights appeared out of nowhere...hovered for a long time, while some slowly dropped out of sight, all the while hovering over the mountain top. Video taken from bedroom window facing SW, through the screen.

Do UFO Interact With Witnesses? UFO Hunter Says, Yes - Video

Recent UFO photo - Oregon
Credit - Mojo
UFO Hunter, Mojo's personal comments
Fortunate to have the personal experiences of contact and witness to at least three different types. Feel the sighting in Oregon has been from a group studying observing us and was lucky enough to have efforts pay off after the many hours of skywatching. Yet when it comes to the aerial displays it's difficult to distinguish them from ours so had to focus on subtleties in the video. Hopefully accomplished a small degree of that in this analysis and towards future evidence to disclosure.

Comments continued
What does the possibiliy of UFOs "reacting" mean? Here are ten examples from the archive to help support an hypothesis that they do interact with us.
Some possible considerations below. a. The military would not invest time or resources nor try and draw attention to themselves.

b. A high awareness by the visitors on external influences & variables, ie. the people(s) or location(s).
c. Reacting on an ongoing basis suggests a non-human interest.

Witness Has Bizarre Feeling Before UFO Cloaks and Disappears

Ohio witnesses say UFO cloaked itself and disappeared

Graphic Image

An Ohio witness at Lakewood reported watching a triangle-shaped UFO with three lights that seemed to cloak itself on June 25, 2014, according to testimony in Case 57384 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was sitting outside with two friends when the object was first seen.

“My friend’s wife all of a sudden said, ‘What’s that?’” the witness stated. “I looked up and saw an object with three lights start to dim and it looked like it started to ‘cloak.’”
The witness described the object.
“It had this weird aura around it, and it looked kinda like it was surrounded by water and it started to disappear. I could see what looked like a black craft, but it happened so fast that I can’t say for sure what color it was.”
His friend’s wife then had a second experience.

“She saw three bright, reddish-orange lights in the formation of a triangle in between the trees and then she followed it until it went behind their house. She said she saw the same weird ‘cloaking’ effect that I saw.”

Two witnesses at the scene in Lakewood, OH, saw objects that seemed to be surrounded by water right before they disappeared on June 26, 2014. Pictured: Street scene in Lakewood.
The witness said he felt odd just before and just after the event.
“I remember feeling a very weird sensation in my body right before she said ‘what’s that.’ I of course had some anxiety afterwards, but the feeling I had right before I saw it was different.”

Physicists Achieve Time Travel Simulation Using Light

Space-time structure exhibiting closed paths in space (horizontal) and time (vertical). A quantum particle travels through a wormhole back in time and returns to the same location in space and time. 
Physicists at University of Queensland, Australia have simulated time travel using particles of light. The researchers achieved this by simulating the behavior of a single piece of light–a particle of energy–traveling on a closed timelike curve (CTC)–a closed path in space-time. The work may help to understand the longstanding problem of how time-travel could be possible in the quantum world and how the theory of quantum mechanics might change in the presence of closed timelike curves.

The work also shows how many effects, forbidden in standard quantum mechanics, may be possible inside a CTC and how light would behave differently depending on how it was created.

In the study, the research team simulated the behavior of a single photon that travels through a wormhole and interacts with its older self. This was achieved, PhD student Martin Ringbauer told The Speaker, by making use of a mathematical equivalence between two cases. In the first case, photon 1 “travels trough a wormhole into the past, then interacts with its older version.” In the second case, photon 2 “travels through normal space-time, but interacts with another photon that is trapped inside a CTC forever” (as shown in the illustration at top of the article). “Using the (fictitious second case) and simulating the behavior of photon 2, we were able to study the more relevant case 1,” said Ringbauer.

“We used single photons to do this,” said UQ Physics Professor Tim Ralph, “but the time-travel was simulated by using a second photon to play the part of the past incarnation of the time travelling photon.”

The paper, “Experimental Simulation of Closed Timelike Curves,” was completed by University of Queensland’s Dr Matthew Broome, Dr Casey Myers, Professor Andrew White, in addition to Professor Ralph and Martin Ringbauer, supported by the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems and Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology, and was published in Nature Communications.

In the team’s press briefing, Ringbauer commented on the relationship between the theory of general relativity and another important–but conflicting–theory, quantum mechanics. Time travel is thought to potentially help understanding the gap between the two schools of thought.

“The question of time travel features at the interface between two of our most successful yet incompatible physical theories – Einstein’s general relativity and quantum mechanics,” said Ringbauer.

Time travel in the quantum world may avoid general relativity paradoxes such as the grandparents paradox–a timetraveller preventing his grandparents from meeting and so preventing his own time travel.

The authors of the study believe that such paradoxes can be resolved in a quantum regime, because a quantum model of closed timelike curves–such as traversable wormholes–can be formulated consistently with relativity”

Ringbauer explained the concept to The Speaker this way: “General relativity predicts the existence of closed timelike curves (e.g. by following a path through a wormhole that connects two different temporal locations in space-time). This would allow travel back in time. In the classical world this is unlikely to be possible, since it causes paradoxes, such as the grandfather paradox. In the quantum world, however, these paradoxes are resolved and time-travel can be formulated in a self-consistent way.”

Tim Ralph

Part of the reason time travel could be freed from such paradoxes in the quantum world is that the properties of quantum particles are “fuzzy” and “uncertain,” and therefore there is “wriggle room” to avoid inconsistencies in such situations, according to Professor Ralph.

Although Ralph said that there was no evidence that nature behaved differently than the laws of standard quantum mechanics, it had not been tested in vastly different environments, such as near black holes, where the extreme effects of general relativity play a role.

This is the value of the study, said Ralph. “Our study provides insights into where and how nature might behave differently from what our theories predict.”

“We see in our simulation (as was predicted in 1991),” Ringbauer stated, “how many effects become possible, which are forbidden in standard quantum mechanics. For example it is possible to perfectly distinguish different states of a quantum system, which are usually only partially distinguishable. This makes quantum cryptography breakable and violates Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. We also show that photons behave differently, depending on how they were created in the first place.

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Compilation Of Incredible UFOs From NASA Own Archive

This amazing NASA UFO footage has been around for a while and has garnered millions of views, if you have not seen it then it is well worth your time to watch. If you have seen it, it's worth watching again.

This compilation includes many of my favorite NASA UFO encounters/sightings that I have archived over the years. All of these examples (with the exception of the second-to-last one) were captured on film by NASA astronauts or Russian Cosmonauts over the past half-century - showing many amazing examples from different eras - Gemini, Apollo, Apollo/Soyuz Test Project, Skylab, STS, the ISS, plus a couple Russian-source additions from their unmanned Zond and Mir Space Station programs as well thrown in to round things out.

Chinese Student Photographs Two UFO Over New Zealand

UFO Hover Mysteriously Over Ontago Harbour

A student has photographed what he claims to be two UFOs floating eerily above a harbour in New Zealand late at night.

Terence Huang, a 25-year-old originally from China, took the pictures of Otago Harbour while with two friends, but said he only saw the mysterious objects once he had looked at the images.

"I had a brief look at the photos last night, but it was late and cold so we went home,"he told Otago Daily Times.

However a spokesperson for New Zealand Skeptics said: "Not only is it far too easy to fake something, but it is also very common for digital artefacts to be misconstrued.

"Certainly it doesn't look very solid at all, which I think supports the reflection theory."

NASA Says........Our Plan Is To Colonize Mars

NASA's Ellen Stofan interview: 'Our plan is to colonize Mars'

Dr. Ellen Stofan...Our Plan Is To Colonize Mars
Dr Ellen Stofan says that missions to the red planet are a priority of the US space agency – and that the best way to search for extraterrestrial life is by setting up a permanent presence.

Is NASA looking for intelligent life?

Nasa, right now, is really taking a step-wise approach: let's look at our own solar system and the most likely places where we might find life. That's why we are so focused on Mars, because we know Mars had liquid water on the surface and we think that is essential to life. What we expect to find, certainly in our own solar system, are probably simple single or multiple-cell forms of life. To get to intelligent life takes stability of conditions over huge long periods of time. [We're] not sure that condition exists anywhere else in our solar system. But certainly when we go out and look for habitable planets around other stars it's something that we can start thinking about.
The Kepler mission has found planets orbiting stars other than our sun. What is the impact?

It's turned around our understanding of how our own solar system formed, because when you only have one solar system to study you make assumptions that are based on that information. [When] you have many solar systems to study, many planets to study, it is really making us rewrite textbooks. We're launching the James Webb space telescope in 2018 that is going to study the atmospheres of those planets around other stars.
Some might argue that it's a luxury to be spending money investigating other planets instead of solving Earth's problems …

I always like to say just think you were a doctor with only one patient. You might understand how that person gets sick, how they get better, but you understand nothing about the progression of disease or how humans in general get ill. Now take an Earth scientist: you only have one planet to study. Our studies of other planets are really what we call comparative planetology. Think of the other planets as being simpler versions of the Earth where you've tweaked the physical conditions, maybe the composition, the density of the atmosphere. It allows us to rip apart the physics of some of these problems and give us a better comparison.

Mars doesn't seem to be teeming with life. Aren't we better looking at planets where there might be something alive and kicking?

On Mars we are not totally sure – there could be something still living under the surface. Mars is close by, humans can operate and work on the surface – that's part of why we are so focused on [it]. Over the last few years we have started to formulate the next mission to [Jupiter's moon] Europa – we know there is an ocean under that icy crust. There are plumes of water coming out of the cracks in the south polar region. There's orange gunk all over the surface – what the heck is that stuff? Huge questions about Europa – it is clearly our next step. We have [also] flown the Cassini spacecraft through the geysers erupting off [Saturn's moon] Enceladus – we know there are organics in those water plumes but we don't know how complex those organics are. So here we have three really rich targets.
Is Nasa going to send humans to Mars just to show that it can?

Well, I'm biased because I'm a field geologist. Humans can actually read a landscape, go through a lot of rocks – crack them open, throw them, pick up the next one. Rovers are great, they do amazing science, but it is a lot more tedious process – they go much less far than a human can cover in a day. Having humans on the surface is how I think we are going to be able to demonstrate totally conclusively that life did evolve on Mars.
There is a lot of talk about settling Mars. Will Nasa be bringing its astronauts back?

We would definitely plan on bringing them back. We like to talk about pioneering Mars rather than just exploring Mars, because once we get to Mars we will set up some sort of permanent presence.
Given Nasa's shuttle programme ended in 2011, are the astronauts going to have to hitch a ride?

We are working right now to return our capability of launching astronauts from the US through a programme we call "commercial crew". Right now there are three companies that are still interested in developing the capability to launch humans from US soil. We are also, at the same time, developing our own rocket called the "space launch system", which is a new Nasa rocket that will be a heavy lift vehicle that will be able to get humans out to the lunar vicinity to do this asteroid work, and then it will eventually have the capability to get humans on the path to Mars.
I heard there are plans to send humans to an asteroid that has been kidnapped and put in orbit around the moon. Seems pretty radical …

We are actually looking at two different mission concepts and trying to decide between them. One would be to find a small asteroid – so less than 10 metres across – basically encase it in a bag and bring it back with us. That enables us to test a type of propulsion system called solar-electric propulsion that we would need to use to take large amounts of cargo to Mars. The other option is to go to a larger asteroid and grab a boulder and bring the boulder back. All of the asteroid mission is actually testing capabilities and technologies that we need for the Mars mission.

Mars Colony
Isn't there a risk that we will contaminate Mars?

It's a huge concern. First, of all you wouldn't want to bring any weird microbes from Mars to the Earth that could potentially be harmful to people here. In the future when we have Mars samples come back, they will go through an incredible procedure basically equivalent to an ebola level quarantine facility to make sure they are not going to contaminate Earth. Then there is contamination of Mars. We are looking for life on Mars so we don't want to carry microbes with us, "discover them" and declare victory. All spacecraft that go to Mars go through an incredible level of decontamination, they get swabbed all the time for microbes before they leave – also for spacecraft that go anywhere near Europa, anywhere near Enceladus, because we are really concerned about contaminating these watery worlds. Obviously when we send people, it's going to be a huge concern. We're kind of dirty things so keeping Mars uncontaminated at that point is going to take some work.
You were principal investigator on Titan Mare Explorer (TiME), a "boat" designed to land on the hydrocarbon seas of Saturn's moon, Titan. 

Has that idea been sunk?

It was like a little floating buoy that would make measurements, not that different from what ocean buoys here on Earth make. We made it through the final round of a competition and then got defeated [in 2012] by a mission to Mars called "InSight" that's going to measure seismic activity on Mars. The [TiME] has now been turned over to one of my colleagues – a guy named Ralph Lorenz at Applied Physics Lab – so what happens to the mission in the future will be up to Ralph.

Is a tight budget compromising Nasa's position as a leading space agency?

We have a really vigorous space programme with the budget that we have, and we've actually gotten extremely favourable budgets in the last few years. So I feel like we are in great shape.
So having a tight budget focuses the mind?

I think it focuses your mind on priorities and, frankly, I also think it fosters innovation. I'm not out there asking for budget cuts to create innovation, but on the other hand Nasa's budget is always going to be limited – it is one of many priorities of the US federal government. In that limited-budget situation we want to do amazing things so what we need are innovations – using technology in creative ways, approaching problems sideways. That's why we need [a] diverse workforce – you need people coming in with all kinds of backgrounds, multiple points of view, to look at problems sideways.
How does Nasa view the space race between India and China?

I think it is really exciting when we see how many countries are coming into space programmes. When you look at the global exploration roadmap – this path to Mars – we have 12 countries involved in that. These things we are trying to do are hard, going to Mars is hard. It's not a US thing, it's not a US and Europe thing, it's a worldwide effort to try and accomplish these things.
All these missions create space junk – is that a problem?

We move the international space station (ISS) every year, several times a year, to have it avoid debris in space so it's certainly something we keep an eye on. Is there any doubt about the future of the ISS given tensions between Russia and America over the Ukraine situation?

We have excellent relationships on the working level with the Russians. We have not received any official notification that anything other than what is occurring now is going to occur. Our feeling is Russia has been a great partner on the ISS, and we hope that will continue.
Do you have a Nasa space pen?

I don't, actually. We get little badges, that's about it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Multiple Witnesses Film "Invisible, Silent" UFO Over Texas

It is very difficult to see this UFO so I recommend putting the video on full screen and high resolution. It has long been suspected that UFOs are capable of cloaking or becoming invisible. We are not saying this is what is taking place in this video we are only saying it is one possibility.

A group of young men were playing basketball at approximately 8:30 p.m. on June 12, 2014 when they noticed a clear perfectly formed silent circle pass overhead. One of the witnesses filed a report with MUFON.

The UFO was moving in a northward direction in a straight line near a seawall in Galveston Texas. They watch the object move away until it could no longer be seen.

MUFON Case 57336 

Photo of Giant Crop Circle In Italy

On Saturday 21 June 2014, locals of an Italian village, spotted a giant crop circle in the wheat field. The huge design appeared overnight and was thought to be the artwork of extraterrestrial beings or a UFO landing on the wheat field....

Giant Crop Circle Appeared in Italy Overnight

Former US Marine Says He was on Mars For 17 Years?

Mars Defense Force
This bizarre story was published by Michael Salla of and picked by the Huffington Post. Was it a slow news day or is there something sinister going on that we earthbound humans know nothing about. Let's hope it was the former!

A former US Marine has claimed that he spent 17 years defending humanity on the surface of Mars.

The former serviceman who goes by the name 'Captain K', but who we are unable to verify independently, reportedly claims that he was sent there to hold back the tides of alien invaders at five separate colony bases.

The man claims to have worked for the 'Earth Defense Force', joined by fighters from countries including the US, Russia and China.

Speaking to ExoNews TV, he said that the training for his mission took place on Titan, Earth's moon and deep space.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

UFO Photographed Over Mexican Pyramid - Video

Last year Oscar Ponce was visiting Teotihuacan in Mexico and took some photos. One of the photos shows a brown-metallic saucer shaped UFO above the pyramid of the Moon.

Rare Footage of Alien Abduction Stories - Budd Hopkins

This clip has recently been digitized, and comes from a collection amassed by Henry McKay, an early UFOlogist in Canada.

To read more about Budd Hopkins Alien Abduction Research.

Michele McKay, Henry McKay's Great Neice sent this note to
My great-uncle, Henry McKay, was a pioneer UFOlogist. He was the very first Director of MUFON for Canada. He was also one of the first modern-day UFOlogists to specialize in investigating physical traces associated with UFO landing sites and "close-range" UFO sightings. He was an electrical engineer with the Air Force. He was also on the Board of Directors for the "North American UFO Federation" (headed by Richard Haines), was an associate of CUFOS, and also investigated for NICAP. He was good friends with Dr. J. Allen Hynek. He also gave a briefing at a hearing to the "Royal Commission of Electric Power Planning" in regards to UFO related power disturbances.
When he passed away, all of his hundreds of UFO files were passed down to me.
Rare footage of interview with Budd Hopkins, and abductees: Debbie Tomey (aka. Kathie Davis) and Dorothy Wallace (also spelled Wallis). Also interviewed is abduction hypnotist Dr.Gotlieb. The woman named Kathie Davis (also spelled Kathy Davis) in the book "Intruders" by Budd Hopkins was in actuality Debbie Tomey. Budd changed her name to Kathie in the book to protect her identity. In this video, this is the first time Debbie "comes out" to the public with her real name. 

This video was filmed approximately three years before the movie came out, which was also called "Intruders". The Dini Petty Show was a very popular talk show in Canada in the late '80s and '90s. This was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and aired on Sept 14, 1989.

Video courtesy of the official Henry McKay UFO Archives™. Henry McKay is the man in the suit sitting behind Dini Petty on the left side, next to the women wearing the blue dress on the right side behind Dini.. At 26:44 the camera does a close-up of Henry.

Henry McKay was a pioneer UFOlogist, and was the very first Director of MUFON for Canada. He was also one of the first modern-day UFO investigators to specialize in physical traces associated with UFO landing sites and close-range UFO sightings. His work was mentioned in the book "The Philadelphia Experiment". He was an electrical engineer with the Air Force. He was also on the Board of Directors for the "North American UFO Federation" (headed by Richard Haines), was an associate of CUFOS, and also investigated for NICAP. He was good friends with Dr. J. Allen Hynek. He also gave a briefing at a hearing to the "Royal Commission of Electric Power Planning" in regards to UFO related power disturbances. For more info on Henry:

Mysterious UFOs Filmed Over Camp Pendleton California - News Report

CAMP PENDLETON ( ? Did you see strange lights in the night sky? Switch Player

Our KCAL9 Street Team mobilized Wednesday night after receiving several reports of orange lights appearing various parts of southern Orange County.

Viewer ?Marilyn? sent KCAL9 video footage that apparently showed two round and apparently parallel objects pulsing and hovering near Trabuco Canyon around 10:15 p.m.

Several viewers reported spotting similar objects over Camp Pendleton. Authorities at the U.S. Marine Corps base confirmed there was live-fire training last night.

Similar sightings were also reported in northern San Diego County and parts of Riverside County.

It wasn?t immediately clear what the source of the lights was.

Check out the video above and decide for yourself.

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Compilation of UFO Sightings - Spring 2014

Best UFO Sightings Spring 2014 

Posters Comments
In this Best of UFO video compilation, we present a collection of original UFO videos for the period...March thru June 2014. In addition, we are also featuring New Spring, 2014 UFO sightings that were never released. This UFO video features remarkable UFO Sightings from, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Atlantic City, New Jersey to mention a few. In this UFO video we also included exclusive videos from various places throughout the world. In this UFO video we see some of the most amazing UFOs that were made public here on LookNowTV.

Posters Comments Continued
We put every UFO video we want under intense scrutiny and close analysis before releasing them to you. If someone is telling you that a certain video is fake, and you feel the UFO video is real, please do not be influenced by anyone. You decide for yourself. We encourage you to formulate your own opinions on the subject of Ufology. We want to continue to build a UFO community that is positive in our never ending quest for possible Disclosure. 

Two Slow Moving Black UFOs Filmed Over Daytime Sky - Thailand

UFO SakonnaKhon Province, Thailand 15 June 2014

Alien & UFOs Have New Landing Pad in The Reinstated Kingdom of Hawaii

ET may soon be Calling Puna in the Kingdom of Hawaii Home

Gary Hoffeld stands on the designated UFO land pad
in Kalapana for the reinstated Kingdom of Hawaii

A UFO landing pad and star visitor sanctuary is set to be dedicated Friday on land accreted by the 1983 lava flow fronting Uncle Robert’s Kawa Bar in Kalapana.

The 4 p.m. cleansing, purifying and dedication of an 80-foot diameter landing pad naturally formed by the lava on 500 new acres kicks off a three-day Native Hawaiian sustainability conference. The conference, which is being separately organized from the star visitor event, includes Hawaiian music and sessions on sustainability from a range of Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian speakers.

The Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary will be the second piece of land officially dedicated for the purpose of inviting extraterrestrial visitors to land and to promote peaceful relations with them, according to information provided by the Exopolitics Institute News Service.

The first landing pad was dedicated in 1967 in the city of St Paul in the Canadian province of Alberta, the news service said in a May 31 article.

“It’s potentially controversial,” acknowledged Garry Hoffeld, Big Island coordinator for the reinstated Kingdom of Hawaii and assistant to Hawaiian Nobel Robert Keliihoomalu, owner of Uncle Robert’s. “It’s potentially funny to some people, potentially stupid to some people.”

“We’re not crazy; we’re open-minded,” Hoffeld added.

The ceremony will include a traditional Hawaiian blessing, followed by the creation of an ahu, or Hawaiian marker, made by stacking stones and other items such as crystals that members of the public bring to the ceremony. A plaque designating the area will also be installed at the site, Hoffeld said.

The Star Visitor Sanctuary is being created with assistance from Michael Salla, an author and UFO commentator whose books include “Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence.”

Hoffeld said Keliihoomalu met Salla after Salla moved from West Hawaii to Kalapana, and the two hit it off.

“Uncle Robert calls (extraterrestrials) our space brothers and sisters,” Hoffeld said.

Officials of the reinstated Hawaiian Kingdom signed a declaration May 28 noting that native legend has it that the constellation of Pleiades or Seven Sisters is the place from which the first Hawaiian people came to Earth. The declaration claims the new lava land for the kingdom and invites star visitors to land and establish diplomatic relations with the Hawaiian government.

The sustainability conference, known as Hoohana, for purposeful work, is a free event that follows the blessing ceremony. There will be two stages, food vendors, speakers and exhibits about sustainability from a Hawaiian perspective, said organizer Karen O’Brien.

Food vendors will be on-site, and families can also bring their own food throughout the event. The conference runs until 10 p.m. Friday, then from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. June 28. There will be a sunrise ceremony at 5:15 a.m. June 29 on the lava field, followed by a 10 a.m. church service and awa ceremony and a 1:30 p.m. farmers panel. The event wraps up at 4 p.m.

In addition to agriculture, conference topics include energy, economics, healing, native plants and other sustainability issues from a Hawaiian perspective, O’Brien said. Presenters include Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva of Hale Lomilomi o Kekaimalino, Graham Ellis of HSCA, HICCUP & SPACE, Kristine Kubat of Recycle Hawaii and Sen. Russell Ruderman, owner of Island Naturals Markets, she said.

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