Saturday, May 31, 2014

Extremely Bright UFOs Over Canada Followed By Loud Boom

Reports came flooding into police, firefighters, news services, and social media throughout Southern Ontario recently of a very bright light streaking across the sky, followed by an extremely loud boom. According to experts like Peter Brown of The University of Western Ontario the descriptions from these witnesses certainly line up with the characteristics of a Meteor.

Although most of the Meteor tracking equipment at the university was not in operation at the time since the phenomena occurred on a Sunday, there was a shock wave detected. That confirmation combined with the eyewitnesses describing a flash that was about as bright as lightning, and a boom that was more like an explosion than thunder, definitely makes a meteor the most likely candidate. An investigation will certainly be under way to confirm this hypothesis; with Brown estimating in the interview that this theoretical meteor could possibly be as large as a meter. With a meteor that large, there is a good chance that meteorite fragments could be found in the area near Orangeville.
One user on Facebook writes:
For the past five nights I’ve notice a strange, bright light northwest of Orangeville, Ontario,Canada.
I first noticed the light on Monday, June 14, 2010, at 10 PM, then again the very next night in the same location.
On Thursday, June 16, 2010, at 10:30 PM, I saw the light once again, but this time it was a little different. I was watching the light slowly move from side to side, then drop below the tree line.
The light then went to the right and stopped.
Just before I went inside for the night, I saw the light drop what looked like a bright white flare.
On June 18, 2010, I went outside to see if the light would be there again and it was. This time I had a small flashlight with me, I would blink the light on and off to see if I would get any reaction.
The reaction I received wasn’t what I expected, the light slowly started to go north until it was out of sight.
Each night that I’ve seen the light it would stay around for about an hour, I’m sure I’ll see it again tonight. If you have heard or seen this light please let me know.
There were no emergencies that required the assistance of firefighters, but the volume of reports did cause police to investigate the flash and boom. Officers who acted on the scene found no evidence that the reported event was caused by anything earthly such as an exploding transformer or some kind of fire. This lack of evidence for the cause of this disruption being man made also lends credence to the meteor hypothesis.
The really good news is that whatever the cause of this event was, there have been no reported injuries or property damage related to them. The worst thing that happened seemed to be that many local residents received a bit of a fright on what should have been a quiet Sunday.
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