Tuesday, May 13, 2014

News Crew Gets More Than They Bargained For With UFO Footage - NZ

Is that a supersonic UFO flying over the skies of New Zealand? Australian television crew get more than they expected when filming in Queenstown
Australian film crew allegedly capture UFO sighting in New Zealand
Similarities between their sighting and one in the Netherlands noted
Didn't notice the UFOs until editing the footage this past week

While shooting their television programme on location, an Australian film crew managed to record more than they initially expected on New Zealand’s South Island.

On April 3, an Australian-produced art show were filming their opening sequence in Queenstown, completely unaware of what was happening in the background.

But while editing the episode over the past week, Colour In Your Life presenter Graeme Stevenson noticed something paranormally strange – what he believes to be two UFOs.

Noting the similarities between what they came across and a video Mr Stevenson had seen of a UFO sighting filmed in the Netherlands, the presenter believed they were on to something.

When the production team took a closer look, they were blown away.

‘We were all like, what was that?’ Colour In Your Life production manager Tanita Cree told MailOnline.

After slowing down the footage, the questions turned into what they should do with their caught on camera UFO sighting.

‘It was the speed they were moving at, they just jumped out of the trees,’ Ms Cree said.

After slowing down the video and watching it frame by frame, the two shapes can be seen emerging from the trees, moving up into the sky and then disappearing.

All this managed to take place before a motorcyclist, also in the shot's background, rode cross the bridge they were filming near.

Certain that what they'd captured was a UFO, the team decided to post the video online and 'see what everyone thought.'

'From the trees to where I was on the bike is about a half a kilometer, if you look at the speed in real time that means that if it were birds they would have accelerated to about 4,000 kilometers an hour in one second,' a member of the production team posted on their Facebook page.

The video that confirmed Colour In Your Life presenter Graeme Stevenson's initial impression that what they filmed was potentially a UFO had been filmed in the Netherlands by Maassluis resident Dick Smits at approximately 3pm on Friday April 11.

Maassluis is about 23 kilometres south of The Hague, at the mouth of the Rhine River.

According to Rijnmond TV News, Mr Smits was filming a boat in the canal below his apartment when he noticed the strange looking object in the sky.

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