Wednesday, May 28, 2014

NASA Removes Alien E-Book From Internet and Web Page

NASA recently published an e-book that might have surprised some folks, because it suggested ancient rock art “might have been made by aliens.” But shortly after the book got a bit of news coverage, NASA removed it from the Internet.


NASA didn’t return calls for comment on the removal of the book and its news release, but NASA’s Chief Historian William Barry emailed Spoid (see below) and said that it was posted by mistake.

Ancient Alien Art?

NASA Response About Removing Book From Internet.

I'm Bill Barry, NASA Chief Historian. The NASA History Program Office is publishingArchaeology, Anthropology & Interstellar Communication next month. I'm glad that you found the e-copies that accidentally showed up on the web last night so interesting.
But you may have noticed that those links to the book have been disappearing today. That's because the page you saw was a draft web page for the planned book release early next month. Our publication support folks accidentally published the page to the web instead of saving it for review. The PDF and e-Book versions you saw there are complete, but the rest of our publication release process (e.g., getting the hard copies from the printer) are not done yet. We expect to make the book available (in print and in free e-Book versions) around June 10th.
Of course, it never hurts to have some positive pre-publication buzz. But, rather than pointing your readers to what are, or soon will be, dead links (at least for a couple of weeks), I hope that you will consider this a (not very) exclusive sneak peek of our (very soon to be) forthcoming book - and let your readers know that it will be available for free download from NASA early next month.
Again, I'm delighted that you enjoying it. All the best,

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