Thursday, May 22, 2014

Experts Baffled By Lights Over Hawaii, Many Suspect UFOs

HONOLULU —A bright, mysterious light was seen scribbling through the sky in Hawaii Tuesday evening.

Reports came in from viewers from across the state around just after 7:30 p.m.

Representatives of the United States Pacific Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command were both contacted, but the groups had no knowledge of the incident.

"There was nothing unusual going on from our perspective at the time," said Maj. Julie Roberge of the NORAD.

So far authorities say there are no FAA jets missing.

Another theory is possible missile testing off Kauai.

Honolulu fire officials say no rescue operations have been launched for this incident.

But many say something definitely occurred in the sky.

"I actually thought it might be a plane falling, dropping. And so I pulled over and was looking carefully....I looked at it about probably 10 minutes," said Irma Jimenez. "I could see it was high up in the sky. It wasn't like anything I've ever seen."
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