Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Are There UFOs At Area 51? Video

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When people talk about Area 51, they all have the same question:

Are there or are there not UFO (hidden) at Area 51?

The answer to that question is simple: YES there are UFO and this video offers conclusive evidence for a secret UFO program.
Unknown) Flying) Object = not necessarily alien technology.

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Very few managed to take photos and make videos of these craft
(mostly tiny bright specks, shot with zoom lens without details)
as Area 51 is located in between mountains and heavily guarded.
They literally keep spectators at a safe distance of a few miles. Another problem of making films is that the base only becomes active after nightfall; There are no daytime activities at Area 51!

This video, shot by a "tourist", early nineties, shows a lot more than THEY intended to show. The UFO shown in this video does not have to be alien or to be based on reverse engineered alien technology but you will have to admit after watching the video and having seen the images that the craft is "something very different".
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