Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cigar Shaped UFO Flies Into Gale Crater on Mars? -Video

CIGAR UFO, Foreign Object Penetrates In The Gale Crater Mars.

                 Gale Crater Mars                                  Popocatépetl volcano Mexico

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The video that we present, is a collage of six frames 613 NAVCAMS taken by the camera Curiosity, which captures the passage of a UFO on the surface of Mars came down from heaven. In fact, these images are reminiscent of the UFO recorded on Popocatépetl volcano in 2012, which showed a cigar-shaped object with white and a diameter of about 270 meters. This UFO was caught accidentally by Curiosity Rover 28 April 2014 seems to repeat the same object in Mexico. 

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