Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Witness Films UFO From Jet Bound For Atlanta

Witness Statement from MUFON
Hi. My name is Andy I am a former US Navy AMS/Airdale and flyer. I was on a flight from my home in St Thomas USVI to Atlanta, Ga in December of 2013. I hadn’t flown in several years, and being excited to go home and see my family and friends, I was randomly taking video of the clouds and ground. Yeah I know ...korny. Bear with me. I didnt’ realize until I got home from my vacation 10 days later and was watching all my videos and reviewing pics that I had captured something that I cannot explain. It is very large and seems to be moving from left to right in the top of the screen. It was at a great distance away...I’d say 20 miles out...and had to have been ‘miles’ across to be visible at that distance. 

Witness Statement Continued
I have flown with the Navy and all over the US and Caribbean for many years. This is simply a huge object. I posted it on facebook to some close friends and several thought it was exceptional. The reason I am sending this to you is that I happened to see a show on H2 (UFO Hunters)today[episode original airing 02-04-09] and two different pilots (A British guy and a French) seemed to have seen the same thing I did. The difference is that his object seemed to emanate light while mine seems to be very black. After watching the video several times I also noticed a flat contrail from the top right of my video that appears to lead right to the object in the distance. 

This could just be an old jet-contrail that spread out over time, but if so then a jet would have had have passed right by this thing at some point. It is moving very slowly from left to right, then speeds up and crosses the contrail by the end of the video. I have the full length video but I am sure I will only be able to email you this short version. I’ll try both tho. Please take a look and tell me what you think.
Thanks Andy

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