Wednesday, April 30, 2014

When Disclosure Happens People Will Turn Towards Religion - Video

Whether we like it or not the Vatican and many religious institutions will play a very significant role in UFO Disclosure. You may think that the religious aspect of Disclosure would not be that important but when you take into account the entire world stage religion is enormous. Also when Disclosure occurs people will look to their government to insure their safety but they will look to religion for meaning and enlightenment. 

This video is just a little food for thought

Pope Francis: "Jonathan, you are a messenger for all of us."
APRIL 13, 2014 -Pope Francis: "We are not alone in the Universe."
Rome -- In his homily, held this morning in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis with great ease and amazement among the faithful present reveals: "Dear brothers, I wanted to tell all of you that we are not alone in the universe. Science has already made so much progress and will most likely soon will know our new brothers and sisters with whom we will exchange a sign of peace. On that day there will be wonder and remember that God is one and watching over  
us all. "

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