Sunday, March 30, 2014

More UFO Sightings Over Mt. Annan Australia - Photos

MT ANNAN is fast becoming Australia’s UFO Hotspot, with yet another UFO sighting reported in the suburb last week.

Stargazer and Mt Annan resident Raksha Martinovic said she and her husband were looking up at the stars at 11.15pm on March 22 when they spotted strange lights in the sky.

The latest sighting comes after a wave of UFO activity in the Macarthur region last December, when a local business owner said they spotted a mysterious light drift across the sky late at night.

These claims were again substantiated by a skywatcher in Cleveland, south east of Brisbane, and across the Pacific Ocean in California.

Mrs Martinovic said her extraterrestrial experience lasted for over two hours.

“The light was just hovering around and disappeared, then came back and disappeared again,” she said. “This drama lasted for two hours.”

Despite the spate of flying saucer spottings, Macarthur Astronomical Society spokesman John Rombi said what people consider a UFO could just be a meteor or space junk.

“As astronomers we can identify the majority of things we see in the sky, but not everyone is this well trained and when they see something like this, their first thought is to call it a UFO,” he said.

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