Friday, March 28, 2014

Low Altitude Black Triangle UFO Has Psychological Effect on Witnesses

Triangle UFO hovers 300 feet over Ohio family
Computer imagery
Three Ohio witnesses at Louisville reported watching a silent, black, triangle-shaped UFO hover 300 feet above their vehicle that seemed to have a psychological effect on them, according to March 27, 2014, testimony in Case 54976 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
The reporting witness was traveling to school with his mother and younger sister about 7 a.m. on April 11, 1999, when a bright star was first noticed.
"We came to the stop sign at the end of our neighborhood road," the witness stated. "I noticed in the east at about 35-40 degrees, an extremely bright star was pulsating. I pointed this out to my mother and sister and we watched for approximately 30 seconds."
Then they noticed a second light move out of the first light that dropped down and momentarily hovered in place.
"The second light from our viewpoint, circled the first with great speed three times and then immediately zoomed overhead of some power lines to the right of the vehicle. I felt a sudden panic and then calmness washed over me. The panic I felt seemed to disappear and if I had a camera at the time, I wouldn't of been able to photograph it."
The witness described the object.
"We were all in a stupor and observed a black triangle at about 300 feet in the air, sitting stationary without making a noise. There were four lights on the bottom of the craft. Three pulsating, color changing lights on each corner of the triangle and one red light in the center. The corner lights changed from red to orange to yellow and back repeatedly for about three minutes. As the sun was rising, we all had a very good daytime view of the object."
The object moved away quickly.
"Then it accelerated to a ridiculous amount of speed very, very quickly out to the west. The object did not change direction from its origin to its leaving."
The witness says the event impacted his life.
"This event especially had an impact on me. I have been fearful of things I could not logically make sense of. I am not superstitious, religious, spiritual, or mentally ill in anyway. Although this day has given me countless nightmares and obviously had a psychological impact on me. I had an immense feeling that this craft knew we were watching it. I can remember looking at my mother and sister staring at it frozen, unable to move, although I could. As if time had stopped for a second and then seemingly fast forwarded back. This happened for a good 30 seconds."
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