Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Man Photographs Long Straight UFO Near Funnel Cloud - Texas

Texas man photographs UFOs near tornado-shaped cloud


A man in Cleveland, Texas says he went out to photograph a strange “white tornado shaped cloud” and spotted mysterious glowing orbs flying under the cloud. He sent in a report with three images to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).
The witness says he saw the orbs fly slowly under the cloud, and then he lost sight of them.
The witness wrote in his MUFON report:
Looked out front of my house say a white tornado shaped was stationary and hovered over the treetops..I thought we were going to have a storm but sky was blue and clear no rain or thunderstorms. I thought it was strange how long it hovered over trees so I took some pictures as I took the pictures I noticed under the cloud were five orb shaped objects that moved slowly under the cloud in a straight line and moved along until they were gone..the cloud stayed for 15 min then slowly disappeared.

According to Roger Marsh, MUFON’s Director of Public Education and National UFO reporter for theExaminer, the case was investigated by their Texas chapter. Investigators determined the case was not a hoax. They filed the case as a genuine unknown, meaning they could not match the object up to any possible known man-made or astronomical object.

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