Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Women See Well Defined UFO On Webcam Over Guernsey, UK - Photo

Before you scream 'lens flare' bear with me for a moment. This UFO was seen on a webcam and it is extraordinarily well defined. It also moved across the screen and disappeared before returning. I am not saying that it isn't lens flare but the fact that it disappeared from view and later returned makes it unlikely.

Denise Poole was left stumped by the mysterious object (Picture: SWNS)
A woman was left feeling spaced out after spotting a mysterious object in the sky over Guernsey when she logged on to a town webcam to check the weather.

Denise Poole said the strange glowing orb appeared in plain sight on her computer screen, moving above a school – and she thinks it could be a UFO.

The 52-year-old said the ‘UFO’ resembled a flying saucer, a blue disk shape with a thin red ‘rudder’ which was hovering above the Channel Island.

Ms Poole, a mother, initially thought it was the sun’s glare reflecting off her computer screen, so she called a friend who also logged on to the webcam and saw the same thing.

Both women say they watched the object move slowly across the screen before it vanished for a few moments and reappeared on the screen.

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