Saturday, March 1, 2014

UFO Sighting Over Jacksonville Florida - News Report

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Reports of moving lights in the sky are being recorded throughout the First Coast. What could it be?

Darren Goffin likes to star gaze but for the past few months, he says he's seeing more than just stars.

"Well the first sighting it was a lot of movement and just sparkles around," said Goffin.

Goffin decided to record the unidentified flying object. His video shows two bright objects; one is flashing and then it just stops, while the other very bright object continues to move.

"I haven't really told too many people, (is there a reason) thinking I'm crazy you know," says Goffin. "Everybody got their own beliefs and if you say 'oh I've seen a UFO' they'll laugh at you and make fun of you, thinking that you're hallucinating or something."

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, 23 sightings have been reported on the First Coast in the last six months, 12 of those sightings were in Jacksonville.

Senior Research Lecturer of the Department of Physics at UNF John Anderson says it could be many things. "It could be aircrafts, it could be shooting stars, meteors, it could be reflections of search lights off of clouds in the distance that could appear to move very fast it could be things like satellites flying over, things like the international space station when it passes over, they're very bright"

Sightings of unusual objects in the sky are being recorded all over the world - but unlike what many describe as extraterrestrial activity. Anderson says scientifically, it's unlikely.

"The nearest planet that is currently judged to be a habitable planet, meaning that it has conditions conducive for liquid water, is about 22 light years away that means it would take light 22 years to get there from here

The Mutal UFO network says every year about 70-thousand reports come in but 9 out of 10 are explainable sightings, but they also say only 1-in-10 are reported. Goffin says he'll keep watching the sky.

"I've always been interested in space and I've always known that there has to other life out there because I don't think that we're the only ones, they say that there's millions of galaxies out there you know why is it that just ours has life," added Goffin.
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