Sunday, March 16, 2014

Triangle UFOs Linked To Loud Strange Sounds

Idaho and California Eyewitnesses Link Strange Black Aerial Triangles to Trumpet and Metallic Sounds.

Linda Moulton Howe's Website, earthfiles is the first site that I have seen that links the triangle UFOs to the strange sounds that have been heard for several years. These strange sound have been described as metallic, scraping, booming and even trumpets like. They can last for a few short minutes or several days. A couple of cases have lasted several months and they have been heard around the globe. This strange phenomena has been investigated by local authorities and in a few instances they have been explained and resolved. The majority of the time investigators come up empty handed and are left with more questions than answers. So the question begs to be there a connection to these mysterious sounds and UFOs? In some cases the answer is most definitely, yes!

After my Earthfiles Report and Coast to Coast AM broadcast about strange horn-like trumpets and metallic scraping sounds, I received two emails from listeners that for the first time in my research link black, triangluar craft with similar bizarre sounds;
Linda Moulton Howe

Witness Statements:
"This very large, dark triangular craft overhead with three lights
on it is where the metallic sound was coming from.”
- Audio Tech in Kamiah, Idaho
“I saw the classic black triangle craft through window
after we heard a loud trumpet sound.”
- Engineer and remote viewing instructor in Southern California
I think you will find the interviews fascinating. 
To read more and to listen to the MP3 audio interview follow this link.....strange sounds and the triangle UFO.

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