Monday, March 17, 2014

UFO Hunter Rattled on By Police While Filming Rainbow Colored Craft - Australia

I think this film is genuine, I believe the bit about the police but I don't think they were trying to prevent this person form viewing or even filming UFOs. Apparently he was in a neigborhood setting at 4am, that is enough to get the attention of the police. 

Posters Comments
just after filming a ufo i had 3 cop cars swoop on me and block my car in and interagate me. made me provide evidence that i am filming ufos they also said they know i go there evry morning funny that since they have never driven past me on the hill. i was advised to move along and they made a joke of me. well the joke is on you mr policemen ufos are real. music by yoko katamitsu sourced from the freemusicarchive.i only put this up as a rush to rub it in the polices face that made a joke. one was pointing up saying look theres a ufo. no doubt i will run into them again.

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