Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Low Altitude Multiple UFOs Filmed Over Riverside California - Video

Witness report: 
It started from my backyard by seeing an orb/plasma exactly above March Air Force base (which I have video but not yet to release). I then saw what looked like a star close by the base begin to move at least 1 mile west from it's original point within 30 minutes. There was a moment when this star was not visible as it shifted so fast behind the tree and came out the other side, it would continuously move down from the Moreno valley area towards riverside. 

This star would sit for a roughly 2-3 minutes with a beam of light flashing downwards at times and then would move just a little bit repeating itself.. As I moved around to keep my eye on it I then saw what appeared to be a disc shape with red lights blinking around it with no pattern and was stationery. Today I witnessed the same thing but this time another UFO having red lights flickering out of order flying over the first disc shaped UFO I just mentioned. 

I then went the next day to where i had thought it was located but found nothing whatsoever. The photo appears to show it on a mountain but the same day I searched for remains I recognized that not a single tower was located on any hill or mountain which has the characteristics of what I saw. I did not lose sight but rather went to bed after it already being close to 12 am. My belief is that the object is military involved. 

A lot of strange behavior has been taking place this past week and a half. Jet formations, cargo planes flying in circles, marine gun ships and an AWAC radar jamming airplane. I've questioned the military on past issues like drones being flow over Moreno Valley residential areas and received contradictory statements but from my discoveries of UFO snapshots in palm springs , military aircraft to orbs over the base have me thinking the military is prepping for something either related to the Ukraine crisis or of something else. I will admit all fault for pinning this on the military if it truly is not.
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