Friday, March 21, 2014

Second Witness Comes Forward in Double Triangle UFO Sighting - Ohio

Second Ohio witness reports March 18 UFO

An Ohio witness at Massillon became the second Ohio witness to come forward March 19, 2014, with details on a UFO encounter from the previous evening, according to testimony in Case 54808 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
Original UFO report from Austintown, Ohio
Case 54801 occurred in Austintown at 8:20 p.m. involving two silent black triangle UFOs operating less than 330 feet off of the ground on March 18, 2014. The account was covered as: Veteran observes 2 triangle UFOs town UFOs.
Then 65 minutes later in Massillon and approximately 60 miles southwest of Austintown, a witness had stepped outside for a cigarette while talking to a friend on the telephone when lights in the sky were noticed.
"There were 10-20 large green balls all in a perfect straight line, all steady on," the witness stated. "Then they started to blink, faster and faster, to a strobe, and they all went out at the exact same moment. This was like 3-4 seconds and it was over."
The witness described the lights.
"It appeared to be up to a quarter mile long, in a southwest to northeast line. It might have been as low as 800 feet over the neighborhood. It was low and right there, and it was scary. I told my friend on the phone what it looked like."
The witness asked the friend to call the police, and then hung up and also called police.
The 911 operator put the witness on hold, and the witness looked toward the northeast sky.
"The sky starts flashing low on the horizon in the east/northeast. Then 911 comes back and says, 'hello?' And I said now I'm seeing flashing low on the horizon. She said you need to call Akron-Canton Airport."
The witness then called the friend back, who was also watching the flashing lights on the horizon.
"He thought maybe the power went out. I checked American Electric's power website and it showed in Stark County 501-2000 people without power."
The witness feels as though the event was not natural.
"I know about sky lanterns and fireworks and this just appeared and disappeared without moving. And they all started to strobe at the same time and all went out at the same time. It was perfect and I know it wasn't someone causing it, or that it wasn't a natural event."
The two cases may be unrelated. Massillon is a city in Stark County, OH, population 32,149.

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