Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Mystery of Missing Airplanes are Not New, Some Had UFO Intrigue - Video

Judy & Clarence Gibson with Children before he was lost
HORRIFIC memories came flooding back for Judy Gibson Jackson on learning that another aircraft had gone missing.
As the rest of the world grappled to comprehend how a Boeing 777 commercial airliner carrying 239 passengers and crew on a routine flight could simply “vanish”, Mrs Jackson thought of the plane her own father had been on when it too disappeared without a trace in 1950.
The plane, a Douglas C-54D, was transporting 36 servicemen and civilians from Alaska to Montana.
Not unlike the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines flight, radio contact was lost two hours into the flight. Yet more than 60 years later and after one of the largest search missions ever conducted over American soil, the fate of USAF Flight 2469 and its 44 passengers and crew remains a mystery.
There were even suggestions of UFO involvement by officials based at the Anchorage air force base from where it had departed.
One official on duty in a control tower had reported a UFO hovering over a hangar “emitting a green light” a week before the disappearance, while another claimed to have seen “three orange cigar-shaped” UFOs flying in tandem above the base two days after the plane vanished.

Check out these videos that discuss other missing aircraft and speculate about what may have happened to Malaysian Air 370. There is also an interview with the Clarence's daughter. 

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