Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Time Traveler John Titor Has Spawned a Book, Theater and Possible Movie

John Titor, Traveler Through Time Still An Enigma

For some worldly-wise Internet users, the story of John Titor is nothing new, although there are still numerous people who have yet to come across this online curiosity which is steadily gaining status as an urban legend. In the five years since his absence John Titor has spawned a book, a theatre performance and rumours of a movie, as well as plenty of webpages attempting to prove or disprove his claims to be a time-traveller visiting us from the near future. 

Starting on 2 November, 2000 and continuing for a period of about five months, someone calling themselves Timetravel_0 began posting to a number of online time travel-related message boards claiming to be a time-traveller from the year 2036. The first websites Timetravel_0 posted to include the Art Bell site and the Time Travel Institute site. After a while Timetravel_0 changed his name to John Titor, although this apparently was not his real name.

IBM 5100 Portable Computer

Why Was He Here? : Titor said he had traveled back in time because he was a soldier from the year 2036 who was recruited to a government time travel project. He had initially been sent back to 1975 to retrieve an IBM 5100 portable computer which was needed to translate between some legacy IBM systems and UNIX. 

He claimed the IBM 5100 was able to do this due to certain in-built functions that were not documented when it was manufactured. When Titor left our timeline, some IBM engineers apparently came forward to verify his claims about the IBM 5100. After collecting the IBM 5100 Titor then travelled to the year 2000 because, he said, he wanted to visit his family and his younger self, and to see the effects of the Millennium Bug. 

There is a story that Titor sent faxes to the Art Bell site in 1998 saying the Millennium Bug would cause chaos, but when asked on the bulletin boards why this had not happened he said he had intervened to prevent it. During his stay in 2000/2001 Titor made it clear his objective was not to convince anyone he was a genuine time-traveller, rather he was simply posting messages to gauge people's responses to meeting someone from their future.
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