Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Educating Humanity On Coast To Coast

Educating Humantiy on Coast To Coast. 

The interview will be in the third hour of the Linda Moulton Howes Earthfile Report on Thurday March 27, 2014. The show is syndicated and carried in all 50 states, Canada, Guam and the Virgin Islands. If you would like to tune in you can find a station in your area by checking this link

We will be discussing a UFO Sighting that I had in 1994 and details about this site,  Educating Humanity.

Here is an email from Linda Moulton Howe who will conduct the interview.
Hi, Richard,

Here’s my Earthfiles news line-up for March 27, 2014 for first 2 hours of my monthly 3 hours on COAST this Thursday toFriday, March 27-28. 3rd hour is live phone Q & A with listeners. I’m leading with Fukushima in first hour because of the seriousness of the latest news — I’ve done about fifty reports on Fukushima since March 11, 2011. It’s a slow motion car wreck on the people, animals, insects and marine life.

The 3rd half-hour beginning at 1:10 AM Mountain / 3:10 AM East Coast is about the aerial triangle mystery that includes the Casper, Wyoming, ear and eyewitness I told you about who was in the mountains when a loud trumpet sound seemed to loudly surround him and he could see a black, elongated triangle high in the sky straight above him in sync with the trumpet. Something about the sound scared him, a long-time solo hiker. That segues to your remarkable Reston, Virginia, sighting of the large, silent, translucent triangular craft above the golf course near your home.

I will have Earthfiles reports for each half-hour posted at by Thursday evening, March 27, before I go live at midnight Mountain time for 3 hours. Inside each of my Earthfiles reports will be the embedded mp3 audio and full interview text of each interview that is identical to what is broadcast in my live reports on COAST. All four Earthfiles reports are freely accessible from the purple hot links on the Earthfiles Headlines page. So, Educating Humanity can hot link to — — to listen to audio interviews any time viewers/listeners would like.
Hope you will be able to join us.
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