Monday, February 24, 2014

UFO Over Texas Shows Off a Spectrum of Colors - Video

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February-21-2014 a U.F.O Orb was captured as it was changing different spectrum of colors over San Antonio,Texas..While Sky watching I notice this Red/Neon Green flashing light high altitude.The flashes were different than FAA navigational light's...When zooming in a Red/Neon Green glowing ORB can be observed..It appears to be changing colors at a high rate of Speed..You can clearly see an ORB slowly traveling overhead changing colors...At times it becomes completely black as if it tuns its OFF..

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Then pulsate different color rapidly...Analyzing video Captures you can see how its emitting a glow around it.Like an Energy Field around it.....I did not hear any engine noise coming from that direction...Awesome sighting due to how this Orb Emitted Different Spectrum of Colors......This Red/Neon Green glowing object was clearly no weather balloon/aircraft/satellite/planet..In my opinion its clearly an UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT.
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