Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Very Bizarre UFO Hovers Over Rivoli Italy For 3 Hours - Video

A woman in Rivoli, Italy says she witnessed strange lights hovering over the town for around 3 hours on the evening of Feb 14, 2014. She took several pictures and submitted them to the UFO Center Mediterranean(CUFOM) for evaluation.

The pictures were analyzed by CUFOM’s president, Dr. Angelo Carannante. Thus far, Carannante says the pictures are not a hoax and appear to be of a genuine unknown flying object. He also says the object appears to be similar to a UFO videotaped in Medellin, Columbia.

Posters Comments Google Translation
www.centroufologicomediterraneo.it - UFO Center Mediterranean C.UFO.M. President Angelo Carannante - Ufo Rivoli February 14, 2014 - A strange light structure property even for three hours. It 'always been there at the same point. It seems to be able to exclude LED kites and reflections.
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