Friday, February 14, 2014

Amazing UFO Photos Coincide With S Shaped Radar Return - Australia

A mysterious weather formation that appeared on the Bureau of Meteorology’s (Australia) radar on Wednesday afternoon is said to be resolved. The Australian government explained it was conducting "exercises in the area. 

Well not so fast, some fishermen off the same coast took several amazing pictures (below), that defy a simple explanation.

We are always quick to believe these conventional explanations, but this particular event should give us all pause before we readily accept the governments response. 

What in the world were they 'exercising' that would leave this type of radar image. What were they doing that would allow a fisherman to take these photos. You can be sure the Australian government knew these pictures existed they would have prevented them from being released.

So I would say the conspiracy theorist are on to something, could it possibly be an extraterrestrial craft or is the government attempting to control weather patterns. There is little doubt that something strange and unexplained is happening

Mandurah Fisherman Takes UFO Photos

A MANDURAH fisherman who took footage of an eerie light show off the coast Wednesday morning said he believes what he saw was a UFO.

The man, who does not wish to be named, said he was about 40 kilometres off-shore when he spotted the light shortly before dawn.

A Mandurah fisherman captured these images of a strange light off the coast on Wednesday morning.

Grabbing his camera, the man managed to capture images of the light which he said moved and changed colours before disappearing with the sunrise.

“After nine years of fishing I've never seen anything like it,” he said.

The strange sight preceded the release of a Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) radar picture showing a bizarre S-shaped formation just west of Rottnest Island on Wednesday.

A Mandurah fisherman captured these images of a strange light off the coast on Wednesday morning.

A BoM spokesperson ruled out the radar phenomenon being caused by precipitation and there is a suggestion the formation may have been caused by radar picking up condensation from an aircraft fuel dump during military exercises. It should be noted, aircraft dump fuel all the time, every airplane that gets off the ground and then aborts its flight plan, dumps fuel. These aircraft always near military and commercial airports. They never leave a radar signature like the one shown in the image above. 

Retired astronomer Ralph Martin said it was “hard to say” what caused the strange light or radar picture.

“The vast majority of these reports [of strange lights] have reasonable explanations,” he said.

“They’re usually either astronomical objects or aircrafts.

“But we can’t explain them all.”

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