Friday, February 7, 2014

Jesse Marcel, Roswell Witness and First On the Scene, In His Own Words

We get to hear directly about the Roswell crash material in Marcel's own words...and the show describes the early cover-ups...

Marcel was approached by Stanton Freedman in 1978, and  recounted details suggesting the debris from the Roswell Crash was exotic. He believed the true nature of the debris was being suppressed by the military. His accounts were featured in the documentary UFOs are Real (1979) and in a February 1980 National Enquirer article, both of which are largely responsible for making the incident famous by sparking renewed interest. He said at the debris site there were small beams, approximately 0.375–0.5 square inches (2.42–3.2 cm2), covered in undecipherable hieroglyphics. 

It was made of something similar to balsa wood in terms of look and weight, except it was extremely dense and unable to burn. Marcel's son, Jesse Jr., saw the debris. Marcel went home and showed the debris to his family. Jesse Jr. labeled the debris into three categories: a metallic gray, foil-like substance; plastic-like material that was similar toBakelite and brownish-black in color; and I-beams that contained purple hieroglyphics

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