Monday, February 24, 2014

Pane Andov Believes He Can Provide Full UFO/Alien Disclosure

Pane Andov has been a contactee and astral traveller from a very young age. For the first time he willing to speak openly about his experiences on the astral plane - a dimension that the majority of people visit temorarily every night during their deep sleep, with no or very limited awareness and for a lot longer (with full astral awareness) after the proces known as physical death. 

Almost one third of his controlled and conscious out of the body experiences are about astral encounters with extraterrestrial beings.

Not long ago, UFO researchers found that if you point a high quality infrared or night visioin camera with the proper adjustments aat what appears to be a clear sky, you will often be able to see UFOs flying in the sky that are not visible in the visible spectrum. 

These technologies provide researchers with the ability to see what the human eye cannot. Pane claims that what these infrared and night vision technologies can show us is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what the vision of the astral body can reveal. . In other words the consciousness of the experienced astral traveler , after departing the physical body during a deep sleep or sself induced trance, can see everything that the infrared and night vision can see and a lot more. 

What he has to say about the activities of the extraterrestrials in this dimension will blow your mind. He has prepared more than 2000 extraordinary slides and many topics will be covered with an abundance of video evidence. This information will completely change the viewer's previous understanding and insights about the UFO phenomena and the extraterrestrial intelligence in our solar system. 

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