Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When The Brown Mountain UFO Lights Are Seen People Go Missing

The Brown Mountain Light stories are not just stories they are facts. These facts have the same theme in common. When the lights are seen people go missing.

Brown Mountain is a long, low-lying ridge on the border of Burke and Caldwell counties in Western North Carolina. Most of it belongs to the Pisgah National Forest. For perhaps 800 years or more, ghostly lights have been seen flaring and creeping along, and below, the ridge at night.

Some of the earliest reports came from Cherokee and Catawba Indians, settlers, and Civil War soldiers. Thousands have witnessed the spectacle, which is ongoing to this day. The lights have been investigated three times by the United States government, and countless times by private groups.

The eerie illuminations capture the imagination of those who see them, and were even featured in a 1999 episode of The X-Files.

One of the most famous legends of the Brown Mountain Lights was of a plantation owner who was hunting in the mountains and got lost. His slaves came to look for him and were seen searching through the hills with lanterns. They never returned.

The disappearances inspired one of the most famous blue grass songs “legend of the brown mountain lights” written by Scott Wiseman in the 1960’s.

Another such legend is of a woman who disappeared around 1850, the general suspicion was that her husband had killed her. Almost everyone in the community joined the search for her and one dark night while the search was on the strange lights appeared on Brown Mountain. Some of the searchers thought that this was the dead woman's spirit come back to haunt her murderer and warn the searchers to stop looking for her body. The search ended without a trace of her body and a large group of searchers disappeared themselves.

PROJECT BLUE BOOK launched an extensive study of The Brown Mountain Lights. The Airforce classified the brown mountain lights as unexplained. Although most Project Blue book studies were released under the freedom of information act the documents of the Brown Mountain study remain classified and in 1969 PROJECT BLUE BOOK was supposedly shut down.

More recently October 2011 hundreds of eyewitnesses claim to have seen the lights. Many captured images and video of the event.

Over 27 people vacationing in a popular nearby camping area went missing that night. Including 3 police officers. We believe the military is involved and is actively covering up the story. The local police have an open investigation but have come up empty.

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