Monday, February 10, 2014

UFO Filmed in Italy 50 Feet From the Ground

It takes just a bit over two minutes before this guy zooms in on the object. 

Posters Comments
I will not disclose my identity neither where I precisely live. I'm an italian citizen. I live on hills somewhere in north of Italy.

The sighting had place in front of my eyes on the evening of December 10th 2013. I was walking with my dog in total darkness when I was shooted by that light. Then as I turned my sight to the same direction from where the light was coming, the thing started to increase its frequency and morphing and colour changing. Just weird. Then it started to "hit" me more and more frequently, so I stopped filming it, and I came back at home.

I waited few months before posting cause I wasn't sure to share. The video comes straight out from my smartphone. The thing was perfectly hovering, noisless, 15-20 meters from the ground. It was 50-70 meters far from me. The thing was downhill compared to my position, floating on grape trees. I'm just sharing to get in touch with people who know what I saw and recorded. Share as much as you can but keep the watermark with my email in order to be reachable under this fake name. 

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