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Family Witnesses Delta or Boomerang Shaped UFO, California

Witness sketch
Multiple witnesses in Fresno, CA, reported a black, boomerang-shaped UFO with red lights twice flew over their neighborhood under 150 feet about 7:30 p.m. on February 24, 2014, according to testimony in Case 54312 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The reporting witness was outside in his backyard when he looked to the northwest and saw "three red lights moving in unison" toward him accompanied by a "low roaring sound."

"The way the lights appeared was a different configuration than I have ever seen on an airplane," the witness stated. He quickly moved inside to alert his girlfriend to come outside.
"The lights flew over my neighbor's house, two houses west of us. And as it passed three streets south of us a few more red lights suddenly turned on. We watched a row of red lights drift in a southwest direction for a couple of minutes before I couldn't see them anymore, yet I could still hear the roar."

This sighting is reminiscent of
the 1997 Phoenix Lights Case

The size of the object was large. 
"The light formation was half the width of the neighborhood block."The witness also alerted his mother to come outside and look at the object. "Less than five minutes later I walked back outside and heard the roaring sound again, louder. I looked up and flying directly over me, coming from the east, I clearly saw a dark V-shape with four red lights underneath each side of it forming a V. The same red lights I saw before."
The object was flying low.
"There are 50-foot palm trees in the front yard and the object was at least 100-150 feet from the ground. It sharply turned south when it was two houses west of me and followed the same path I saw the first time."

The witness described the object.
"As it flew away I noticed that the object appeared completely flat with nothing visible besides the red lights." The witness believes there were dozens of other people who may have seen the object.

"Across the street from me is Fresno High School and the outdoor lights that illuminate the track/field were on since dozens of people were exercising out there. I was shocked that I clearly saw a dark V-shape against the night sky and it moved quite slow. If I had a bike I could have kept up with its speed. I lost sight of it after a couple minutes. I even ran out into the front street with my mother to get a better look. It wasn't until then that I realized that the row of lights I saw fly away the first time formed a V-pattern too. I was stunned. By the time I realized I should chase after it in my car, it was gone. I was unable to get any pictures with my phone."

The witness did provide an illustration.
Recent California UFO coverage includes several cases where witnesses were reporting the military chasing an unknown object. See the round-up story published February 21, 2014: Two more California witnesses report military chasing UFOs.

UFOs Follow Alitalia Jet Before Flying Off in Formation, Argentina

Normally we don't like to publish obscure lights in the sky but this video looks genuine and the objects appear to be flying in formation. Could they possibly be some type of probe. 

Witness Comments
Farigu Stefano, 44, has a channel on YouTube where he publishes his own UFO sightings: "The last one took place last Friday when two disks of light escorted an Alitalia plane that had just taken off from Elmas," says journalist L'Unione Sarda Ivan Murgana. "On average - I sometimes see two or three times a month." Farigu clarifies: "I'm not crazy." Details of the new kiosk with L'Unione Sarda today.

Colorful Morphing UFO/Orb Over California - Video

Posters Comments
After today's UFO Event at MacArthur Park, I came home and started to summon. A beautiful colorful / shiny morphing ORB arrived and gave a great display of shifting and colors. Thanks and enjoy this capture.

Diamond UFO Makes Daytime Descent Over Mexico - Video

Posters Comments
UFO descending over Iztapalapa Mexico


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Retired Commercial Pilot Saw UFOs Land At Area 51

The Executive Director of MUFON, Jan Harzan has started sending UFO alerts to his members. 

The first alert went out this week and to say it is startling is an understatement. Here is the exact content of the first offering. 

I received a call recently from a retired TWA pilot who urgently needed to speak with me. He introduced himself as a commercial airline pilot with 48 years of flying experience who had had two incredible sightings during his career as a pilot that he now felt comfortable talking about since he was retired, but that was not what prompted him to call, it was a more intriguing story that I will share with you in just a minute.

TWA Pilot Sees Multiple UFOs Land At Area 51

Jan Harzan, Executive
Director, MUFON

He started off by sharing a report of being the co-pilot on a TWA flight from Saint Louis to San Francisco, the flight had been delayed several hours due to mechanical problems, but finally got off the ground late in the evening heading West. As the flight approached the state of Nevada Air Traffic Control (ATC) broke the silence stating that traffic was in the area and requested they make an immediate 90 degree turn to the North and wait further instructions, an odd request at nearly 1am and 36,000 feet. 

Usually little or no air traffic existed at this hour of the morning, especially at this altitude. They immediately followed the instructions given by ATC. As they were heading North he happened to look down and see what appeared to be an ILS turn on, on the dark desert surface below. For those who are not familiar, an ILS is an Instrument Landing System. This ILS was different though, it was a 3-dimensional hologram, something he had never seen before as an airline pilot. It was also blue with violet light crossing at 90 degree angles. 

The next thing he noticed was that in the upper right hand corner of their cockpit windshield there appeared to be maybe 20-30 firefly type lights flitting around way up high in the sky, they then began making hard right angle turns and shot one after the other down the holographic ILS until every one of them was on the ground. Then the ILS turned off and it was pitch black again on the ground. 

He turned to the pilot and asked, “Did we just see that?” The pilot looked at him and answered, “No sir, we did not”. ATC then came back on the radio and said that they were now clear of any traffic and gave them a new course heading to San Francisco. The exact location of where the holographic ILS opened up and the lights in the sky made hard right angle turns to land was Area 51 he told me. The year was 1988.

Source: MUFON

UFO Photos Found In Recently Released Snowden NSA Documents

UFO photos in latest release of Snowden documents

The latest release of Edward Snowden’s leaked NSA documents includes a PowerPoint from a British communications department regarding online covert operations and deception. A few of the slides inexplicably include pictures of UFOs.
The documents were released by The Intercept, a website created to report on NSA documents provided by Snowden. The presentation with the UFO pictures was created by the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). It is titled “The Art of Deception: Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations.”
The Intercept article which includes the release of the documents describes their significance:
Over the last several weeks, I worked with NBC News to publish a series of articles about “dirty trick” tactics used by GCHQ’s previously secret unit, JTRIG (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group). These were based on four classified GCHQ documents presented to the NSA and the other three partners in the English-speaking “Five Eyes” alliance. Today, we at the Intercept are publishing another new JTRIG document, in full, entitled “The Art of Deception: Training for Online Covert Operations.”
By publishing these stories one by one, our NBC reporting highlighted some of the key, discrete revelations: the monitoring of YouTube and Blogger, the targeting of Anonymous with the very same DDoS attacks they accuse “hacktivists” of using, the use of “honey traps” (luring people into compromising situations using sex) and destructive viruses. But, here, I want to focus and elaborate on the overarching point revealed by all of these documents: namely, that these agencies are attempting to control, infiltrate, manipulate, and warp online discourse, and in doing so, are compromising the integrity of the internet itself.
Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable. To see how extremist these programs are, just consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends: “false flag operations” (posting material to the internet and falsely attributing it to someone else), fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual whose reputation they want to destroy), and posting “negative information” on various forums.
The UFO pics are found on slides 35 – 37, in a section called “Influence and Information Operations.” It is difficult to decipher why they are there, except perhaps to discuss online memes, or misidentifications. The Daily Grail speculates that the images may be there for reasons “from pointing out people’s belief systems, through to them possibly being part of actual psychological operations (psy-ops).”
The pictures include a UFO photograph from Redbud, Illinois taken in 1950, a screenshot of a UFO video captured by Arturo Robles Gil in Mexico, and a picture of an alleged UFO that is suspected to simply be a bird and its droppings.

Redland Illinois April 23, 1950
Still Images Over Mexico
Image Captured over Cornwall England
This may give a clue as to what the UFO slides are referencing
Perhaps now that the document is online someone will come forward with an idea as to why the UFO pictures are included in the presentation. We’ll update you when we learn more.

UFO Hovers Over Palm Trees In Morocco Desert - Video

Posters Comments
I was riding in a desert somewhere in Morocco. I was filming the ride and the quads passing by. One in the hotel, I watched the video on my PC, and my brother discovered this strange flying object above the palm trees!

Great Standard and Night Vision of UFO Sighting Over Oregon

Posters Comments (Mojo)
Another similar object but also different with light effect in the night vision segment.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hangar 1 - New UFO Series Debuting on History Channel

Announcing the MUFON-based TV series on The History Channel’s H2 network entitled “HANGAR 1: THE UFO FILES” premiering on February 28 2014 at 10:00 pm EST/PST.

The series features interviews with Jan Harzan, John Ventre and Jeremy Ray of MUFON and Jason McClellan of “Open Minds” radio along with other experts including Richard Dolan, Grant Cameron, Leslie Kean, and Michael Schratt.

In cinematic history, 60 years ago was the release of the movie “War of the Worlds.” This is actually a significant movie since the Brookings Institute and our government based its policy regarding UFOs on the panic that followed the original Orson Wells Panic Broadcast on radio in 1938. The policies regarding the implications of extraterrestrial contact are that we cannot tell the public the truth regarding ETs out of fear of riots and a breakdown of the religious and scientific communities. Our guess is that it has more to do with the control of technology.

Twenty years ago, we had another cinematic anniversary with the premiere of the TV show, the “X-Files.” This show featured two FBI agents investigating bizarre events with an underlying conspiracy as one agent was a believer and the other a semi skeptic. The X-Files also influenced a generation of baby boomers as did “Star Trek” almost 30 years prior to the “X-Files.” In the UFO genre, it appears that a classic show comes around every 20-30 years.

The premise of each episode is to examine a number of MUFON cases, looking for patterns that tie in to historic UFO events and try to show what the alien agenda may be. Actual footage and recreations will be used along with expert testimony. The “HANGAR 1” title comes from the actual Hangar One where the vast archive of 75,000 MUFON cases and evidence are stored, including the Leonard Stringfield files. The show will showcase MUFON’s mission to educate the public about the UFO phenomenon.

Stay tuned because the “truth is out there” or shall we say, it’s actually in “HANGAR 1.”

Michigan Witness Says UFOs Were Intelligent Controlled - Photo

UFOs Twin Lakes MI
Photo, Courtesy MUFON
A Twin Lake, MI, witness reported watching multiple unknown objects moving in a "controlled manner" over a pasture that varied in "speed, direction, color, brightness and altitude," according to February 25, 2014, testimony in Case 54280 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was lying in bed when lights were noticed "near my animal pasture and barn" about 1 a.m. on August 29, 2013. The witness has cameras on the property with inside monitors, but went outside to investigate.

"I saw multiple objects ranging in size from perhaps a basketball to a small car," the witness stated. "The objects emitted lights that changed apparently randomly to every conceivable color in the spectrum. They appeared two to three at a time. Maneuvered in apparently random yet controlled (if that makes sense) manners."

The objects were moving about the sky, but did not strike anything.

"They varied wildly in speed and direction, yet hit no obstructions like trees, power lines, my barn, etc. It was the strangest thing."

The witness had video monitoring the area and was able to take photographs.

"I took many pictures and shot a lot of video and upon reviewing the video I had considerable static in the audio. I have never had this static on other occasions and could not replicate it. The objects would come and move about individually or in pairs and I saw trees and power lines on both sides, so I know what size and range they were. My animals were in the barn silently staring at each other."

The witness could not identify the objects.

"The objects would vary speed, direction, color, brightness and altitude. I am a fairly observant individual so I noted everything I could and I had heard a helicopter an hour earlier and while I was watching this show, an aircraft passed at an altitude leaving a visible contrail. I could see its lights and knew it to be a passenger or cargo jet."

The witness described the movement of the objects.

"When I saw these lights higher up, they appeared similar to the objects seen before by me, but were higher up. At times they would pass above the jet contrail and being dimmed by it. Other times apparently below it. Their speed was almost as amazing as everything else about them. I saw one traverse three-quarter of the sky in about two seconds, literally. Then at speed make a 90-degree turn. And yet another and it headed back to its original point of origin. I watched these for I'd guess about two hours until the last one appeared to lift vertically and then pause for a second or two and upon emitting a flash of light depart at an incredible speed."

The witness has ruled out some possibilities.

"These were not lantern kites, balloons, reflections off swamp gas nor a comet. I'm not claiming them to be anything. I would like to know what they were. It's rather upsetting to not be able to discuss this with anyone."

The witness provided one image with the MUFON report, which was filed on February 25, 2014.


A Compilation of the Best UFO Sightings For Jan and Feb 2014

Aliens and The Mysterious Mountains - Ancient Aliens

Why would so many different cultures share the belief that mountains had a connection to otherworldly beings? Across ancient civilizations, the world's mountains were viewed as the sacred home to all-powerful gods. Why would so many different cultures share this belief that mountains had a connection to otherworldly beings? The Greeks believed their most powerful gods, the Olympians, waged an epic war for control of the universe from Mt. Olympus.

Ruins of a 4000-year-old observatory discovered on a mountain in Macedonia reveal that the ancients tracked celestial movements from on high with remarkable precision. And in Peru, the descendants of the Incans continue an ancient pilgrimage tradition in order to commune with mountain spirits known as Apu. Could these gods have been extraterrestrials? Did they use remote mountain peaks to interact with early man? Might this explain why humans have been drawn to mountains for thousands of years.

Worldwide UFO Hoax (False Flag) Scheduled For April 5, 2014

False Flag UFO event
scheduled of April 5, 2014
The UFO community and their claims of alien sightings is already a highly controversial topic, filled both with naysayers and believers. Naysayers often claim any supposed sightings of UFOs are all either hoaxes or people mistaking them for common items such as airplanes or Chinese lanterns. In an age where almost everyone carries a smartphone with a high-definition video camera in their pocket, they ask “Why is all UFO footage either blurry or shaky?” The believers on the other hand say that there have just been far too many sightings over centuries for all of them to be fake and many believers even claim to have witnessed a UFO sighting first-hand. The believers and those interested in Ufology are going to have their hands full in April as hoaxers are preparing a massive prank, by launching flashy drones into the sky around the world in a large-scale attempt to fool many people into thinking that the apocalypse has come at last.

This video will give you some idea of what to expect on April 5, 2014.

Why might this prank be cause for alarm? The UFO community often finds themselves under scrutiny and not being able to be taken seriously by mainstream media or scientists. In fact, Dr. Edward U. Condon who was the director of the Colorado Project, came to the conclusion in his 1968 UFO report that UFO research cannot be justified because there is no reason to expect science will be advanced by focusing their efforts on the subject. What little scientific study has gone into researching the matter has often been scoffed at for not being taken seriously.
For instance, “Project Blue Book,” which was a group formed by the U.S. Air Forceand put in charge of investigating UFOs (it was shut down in 1969) has had their research considered either unprofessional or unscientific. The group investigated 12,618 UFO sightings and left 701 of them as “unidentified.” This did not mean they were alien in nature, it only meant that they could not be readily identified as aircraft, meteorites or any other recognizable object. Critics of Project Blue Book say that there was absolutely no way that such a small team actually put any worthwhile investigation into that many UFO sightings. Interestingly enough, two years ago, Col. Robert Friend the former director for Project Blue Book recommended that science should continue to look into the UFO mystery.
The hoaxers, who are preparing their large-scale drone launch intend to do so worldwide on April 5 and hover the brightly colored objects (wrapped in LED lighting) in various locations around the world. Dubbed “The Big UFO Project,” the goal is to cause panic around the world with fear of a global apocalypse taking place. In a way, it could be similar to the infamous War of the Worlds radio broadcast that caused mass panic back in 1938 in the U.S. The difference is that this time the panic would be “social” in nature and filled with countless YouTube uploads, Tweets and Facebook posts on a global scale.
While the naysayers might consider UFO research to be a joke and a waste of resources, the believers have very powerful reasons and backers to support claims that the subject is incredibly worth studying. The International UFO Conference 2014, which took place earlier in February had 20 powerful speakers including one of NASA’s own retired Astrobiologists who had been with the organization for 46 years. Richard Hoover gave a fantastic presentation and later, a video interview on why alien life absolutely exists and how traces of it have been found on meteorites that have impacted Earth. On May 9, 2001, the National Press Club hosted “The Disclosure Project,” which had 19 high-ranking witnesses come forward and deliver their testimony about encounters with UFOs. Many of the speakers were from the U.S. Air Force, military and NASA. There was even an Attorney who stated she would lose her legal license if this was a hoax since she was supporting the matter .
While it may be nothing more than a harmless prank, the hoaxers large-scale UFO drone launch that they are preparing will only add more scrutiny and reason to scoff at a subject that many people are fighting to have taken far more seriously than it is today.

MUFON Updates Old Website

MUFON Website Revamped

MUFON has revamped their website, as most of you know MUFON is the only large scale organization in the world that will actually investigate UFO sightings. The update is long overdue, the old website was bland and not the most user friendly.
Go take a look for yourself. There are many new links to keep you entertained, it is worth checking out.  Explore at

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

UFO Captured on Motocross Sports Camera, Brazil

A new video published to YouTube on February 24, 2014, reveals how a stationary sports camera with an ultra wide-angle lens captured a daylight UFO incident during a motocross event in Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil. Producer Mariva Brito states in the video description how the object appears to maneuver in a way inconsistent with known flight parameters for conventional aircraft.

Posters Comments - Google Translation
During filming in motocross racing in February 2014 in the city of Bauru SP, with a GoPro HERO 2 camera placed on the ground, we were surprised by an unidentified object in very strange situation of flight "without any parameters known for conventional aircraft" in the sky in the same way that instant entered sena he left, very strange ...

Posters Comments (Portuguese)
Durante filmagem em corrida de motocross em Fevereiro de 2014 na cidade de Bauru SP, com uma câmera GOPRO HERO 2 colocada no solo, fomos surpreendidos por um objeto não identificado em situação muito estranha de voo "sem qualquer parâmetro conhecido por aeronaves convencionais" no céu, em instante do mesmo jeito que entrou em sena ele saiu, muito estranho...

Very Bizarre UFO Hovers Over Rivoli Italy For 3 Hours - Video

A woman in Rivoli, Italy says she witnessed strange lights hovering over the town for around 3 hours on the evening of Feb 14, 2014. She took several pictures and submitted them to the UFO Center Mediterranean(CUFOM) for evaluation.

The pictures were analyzed by CUFOM’s president, Dr. Angelo Carannante. Thus far, Carannante says the pictures are not a hoax and appear to be of a genuine unknown flying object. He also says the object appears to be similar to a UFO videotaped in Medellin, Columbia.

Posters Comments Google Translation - UFO Center Mediterranean C.UFO.M. President Angelo Carannante - Ufo Rivoli February 14, 2014 - A strange light structure property even for three hours. It 'always been there at the same point. It seems to be able to exclude LED kites and reflections.

Government Adviser Comes Out of the Closet On UFOs, Richard Thieme

It was a pleasant surprise to see the op-ed by Richard Thieme in the recent Journal Sentinel, in which he brings himself "out of the closet," as it were, regarding unidentified flying objects ("A confession: I'm out of the closet on UFOs," Crossroads, Feb. 16).

Thieme backs up his reasons for doing so, citing years of scientific research by high-standing individuals (himself included) in the fields of astronomy, sociology, psychology and other sciences and the eyewitness accounts of UFO activity, not only in modern times but throughout history credibly reported by military and government officials, police officers, pilots and honest ordinary citizens.

In my mind, it is foolish at best and in denial at worst, as Thieme states, to think that we are the only civilization in the universe and that our society is the apex of progress and evolution. As Galileo was sentenced to house arrest for believing the Earth is round, those who have the courage to go against the official government policy that UFOs do not exist are subject to ridicule and disdain.

Richard Thieme, Keynote
Government Speaker

Since the United States government has abdicated its responsibility to its citizens, we should congratulate the scientists and scientific investigators who have given their time, energy and money to conduct serious research into the UFO phenomenon.

Let me put it to you straight. For 35 years, I have been exploring and investigating UFOs and UFOlogy (both the serious endeavor and the silly speculative fare that fills popular culture) and...well, UFOs are real: They fly, they evince technologies we don't understand and they have been around for years.

Above all, despite voluminous and overwhelming evidence to support those assertions, to raise this subject as worthy of historical and scientific investigation is to invite ridicule, the shaking of pitying heads, derision and hostility and embarrassed silence.

Still, I persist in believing, as Francis Bacon said in 1620, that if something deserves to exist, it deserves to be known, not rejected out of hand with prejudice. The scientific method, principles of historical analysis and an open mind ask that much.

No subject has been more marginalized and maligned than this topic. By "unidentified flying objects" I mean not the many things commonly mistaken for them — balloons, Venus, sprites, ball lightning, secret craft, etc. — I mean anomalous vehicles that for decades have been well-documented by credible observers ("Credible people have seen incredible things," said Gen. John Samford, U.S. Air Force chief of intelligence in 1953), to which our government responded with the formulation and execution of policies in light of genuine national security concerns.

I was recently privileged to be included as contributing editor and writer on a team that produced the book, "UFOs and Government: An Historical Inquiry" over five years. The research/writing team was led by Michael Swords, a professor of natural science (now retired) at Western Michigan University and Robert Powell, a nanotechnologist formerly with AMD. The book is regarded as an "exception" to the dreary field by Choice, the journal that recommends works for inclusion in university collections. Choice suggested that all university libraries should have it (to date, 45 have it in their collections, including four in the University of Wisconsin system, as well as many Wisconsin public libraries).

The almost-600 page book is well-grounded with nearly 1,000 citations from government documents and other primary sources so it is "bullet proof." There is virtually nothing speculative in it. We document the response of governments from the 1940s forward to events they took quite seriously — and which readers, judging on the evidence and data, will take seriously as well.

A short op-ed cannot do justice to the complex narrative, but I can state a few facts.

Any other domain of inquiry with hundreds of well-documented events would be considered worthy of scientific and historical investigation.

Well-executed policies carried out with secrecy do not constitute "a conspiracy," and we are not "conspiracy theorists," a term used to attack investigators of unpopular subjects. Members of the military and intelligence community, from the early 1950s on, decided to learn as much as they could about UFOs — which they decided did not constitute a direct threat to national security — while at the same time playing down and dismissing reports from the public. The reports themselves were considered to be the primary threat by the CIA.

The data illuminates a phenomenon that is global, persistent and sufficiently similar in small details to invite taxonomic classification as to vehicle types, the physics of force fields that power the objects and ionize the air around them, producing characteristic colors in relationship to speed and power, and diverse kinds of robotic or sentient beings associated with the objects.

■ It is an astonishing sociological and psychological phenomenon that throughout the 20th century, despite reports by credible observers, corroborated on multiple radar sets on the ground and in jets, resulted not in public investigation but in an inability to get our minds around the mere possibility. Instead the subject is literally "unthinkable."

One reason it is "unthinkable" is the effective use of ridicule, the mocking of people who made reports or took the subject seriously, and a long silence from official authoritative voices in the face of credible testimony. When I delivered a speech and served on a panel recently at the National Security Agency, I was reminded by a veteran analyst that "the three legs of cover and deception are illusion, misdirection and ridicule. But the greatest of these is ridicule"— which discredits the person, not the testimony, and the testimony I have heard has come from military and civilian pilots, astronauts, even the intelligence head of a foreign military force. "This is what I saw, and I know what I saw" is what I am told, corroborating the statement in 1947 by Lt. Gen. Nathan Twining that "The phenomena is something real and not visionary or fictitious."

My personal exploration began in 1978 when, as a recently ordained Episcopal clergyman in a parish on the edge of an Air Force base, a parishioner, a decorated fighter pilot with all the "right stuff" who retired as a colonel, told me, "We chase them, and we can't catch them."

"UFOs and Government" includes quotations from generals, senior intelligence personnel and professionals such as Hermann Oberth, the father of German rocketry, that affirm the exotic characteristics of the technology that no earthly power could then achieve. As Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell told me, "Richard, if we could do what they can do, they wouldn't have sent me to the moon in a tin lizzie."

We increasingly accept through our own scientific explorations that many Earth-like planets likely to harbor life fill our galaxy and the galaxies beyond. When we hear that from authoritative voices, we accept it as a probability, but when we examine the evidence of decades of visitation by real explorers, we find it difficult to think in a concrete way that we are not alone, not the top of the food chain and that others may have been voyaging for thousands of years — as if we are the gold standard of scientific knowledge and our current understanding of physics is the end of all physics.

So I'm out of the closet on a subject. As an older man with a solid track record of delivering insights into likely futures that have pretty much worked out over the years, a man who has spoken for security conferences all over the world (including NSA, the FBI, the Secret Service, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the Pentagon, etc.), discussing the impact of new technologies, I can say without embarrassment that documented data supports the contention that many historical reports show exactly what they seem to show — anomalous vehicular traffic demonstrating aerodynamic capabilities and propulsion systems beyond the range of our own technology.

So...why do well-intentioned people who know more than I do persist in the pretense that nothing unusual has been going on? That's a more speculative exploration, one for another time.

Richard Thieme of Fox Point is a writer and professional speaker ( In addition to "UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry," he has written "Islands in the Clickstream (2004)" and "Mind Games (2010)" and contributed chapters to several books.


Monday, February 24, 2014

The Mirage Men, Experts on UFO Deception and Disinformation

Tantalizing documentary suggests UFO folklore was deliberately fabricated under a U.S. psychological warfare program.

Delving into the shadowy hinterland of delusion, deception and paranoia that fuels UFO mythology, this tantalizing British-made documentary has just had its world premiere at the tenth annual Doc/Fest in the northern English city of Sheffield. Mirage Men features testimony from true believers, close-encounter witnesses, airline pilots and highway patrolmen. But it is chiefly concerned with a more prosaic and earthbound conspiracy, which suggests that much key UFO folklore was deliberately fabricated by U.S. military insiders to discredit extraterrestrial investigators as unhinged cranks, thus deflecting attention from their own covert projects.

Never less than engaging and generally good fun, Mirage Mentouches on some accidentally topical material, including the ethics of NSA snooping and secret unmanned drone aircraft. The evergreen theme, eccentric personalities and bizarre anecdotes here are strong enough to guarantee further festival slots following the documentary's Sheffield debut. After that, television seems to be the most obvious platform, though the juicy subject matter and high-end production values may well attract niche theatrical business.
Mirage Men is distilled from the 2010 book of the same name by the British author Mark Pilkington, who is also involved here as writer, producer and onscreen talking head. The film’s focus is narrower, concentrating on the U.S., specifically a handful of well-known figures and events in UFO circles. One pivotal player in both the book and film is Richard Doty, a former counterintelligence officer with the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), who claims to have spent decades deliberately spreading disinformation about extraterrestrials: “weapons of mass deception,” as one interviewee memorably puts it. Another is ufologist and authorWilliam Moore, whose books include The Roswell Incidentand The Philadelphia Experiment.
Doty and Moore initially seem plausible enough on camera, though they share a shadowy past. Both admit to feeding false information to Paul Bennewitz, a World War II veteran and electronics expert living alongside a USAF base in New Mexico. According to Doty, the NSA targeted Bennewitz in the early 1980s as a useful idiot in their black propaganda wars, beaming fake extraterrestrial messages into his house and planting bogus spaceship evidence on a nearby mountain range. Convinced he had uncovered an alien invasion plot, Bennewitz turned into a deranged version of Neary in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, wrote warning letters to President Reagan, developed paranoid psychosis and was briefly institutionalized. Mission accomplished.
Many rich threads are woven into this colorful patchwork story: Apache folk myth, Cold War paranoia, macabre animal mutilations, top-secret stealth bombers and even an early experiment with fracking. Pilkington and his fellow directors maintain an admirably unsensational but agreeably playful tone, punctuating artfully eerie shots of the New Mexico desert with kitschy clips from vintage science-fiction thrillers.
Mirage Men takes a fascinating excursion into a twilight zone of wild conspiracies, obsessive believers and psychological double agents, even if the claims and counterclaims it stirs up never quite harden into solid investigative journalism. The open-ended finale is also disappointingly flat, leaving only the impression that USAF insider Doty is as slippery and deluded as any tinfoil-hatted UFO conspiracy nut. But Pilkington and his fellow filmmakers know their audience well. As with all paranormal myths, nobody really wants conclusive proof that little green men were fakes all along. The Truth is still out there.


UFO Over Texas Shows Off a Spectrum of Colors - Video

Posters Comments
February-21-2014 a U.F.O Orb was captured as it was changing different spectrum of colors over San Antonio,Texas..While Sky watching I notice this Red/Neon Green flashing light high altitude.The flashes were different than FAA navigational light's...When zooming in a Red/Neon Green glowing ORB can be observed..It appears to be changing colors at a high rate of Speed..You can clearly see an ORB slowly traveling overhead changing colors...At times it becomes completely black as if it tuns its OFF..

Posters Comments Continued
Then pulsate different color rapidly...Analyzing video Captures you can see how its emitting a glow around it.Like an Energy Field around it.....I did not hear any engine noise coming from that direction...Awesome sighting due to how this Orb Emitted Different Spectrum of Colors......This Red/Neon Green glowing object was clearly no weather balloon/aircraft/satellite/planet..In my opinion its clearly an UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT.

Pane Andov Believes He Can Provide Full UFO/Alien Disclosure

Pane Andov has been a contactee and astral traveller from a very young age. For the first time he willing to speak openly about his experiences on the astral plane - a dimension that the majority of people visit temorarily every night during their deep sleep, with no or very limited awareness and for a lot longer (with full astral awareness) after the proces known as physical death. 

Almost one third of his controlled and conscious out of the body experiences are about astral encounters with extraterrestrial beings.

Not long ago, UFO researchers found that if you point a high quality infrared or night visioin camera with the proper adjustments aat what appears to be a clear sky, you will often be able to see UFOs flying in the sky that are not visible in the visible spectrum. 

These technologies provide researchers with the ability to see what the human eye cannot. Pane claims that what these infrared and night vision technologies can show us is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what the vision of the astral body can reveal. . In other words the consciousness of the experienced astral traveler , after departing the physical body during a deep sleep or sself induced trance, can see everything that the infrared and night vision can see and a lot more. 

What he has to say about the activities of the extraterrestrials in this dimension will blow your mind. He has prepared more than 2000 extraordinary slides and many topics will be covered with an abundance of video evidence. This information will completely change the viewer's previous understanding and insights about the UFO phenomena and the extraterrestrial intelligence in our solar system. 

For more information on tickets/venue

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Outstanding Highlights Of UFO Hunters Sightings - Video

A brief look back at the variety of UFO aerial displays. From 2009 through 2013.


Strange Light Illuminating and Flashing on Moons Surface - Video

Ohio Man Dies In ER and Has Incredible Heavenly Experience

Brian Miller Before Being Released from Hospital
I have made the title of this post " Man Dies in ER" and not "Near Death Experience" because Mr. Miller had no heartbeat, no pulse, no blood pressure, no oxygen to the brain so clinically he was dead. After 45 minutes he was resuscitated and was brought back to life.
Here is his story.

An Ohio man is claiming that he traveled to heaven and back again during a recent near-death experience. Brian Miller, 41, was hospitalized after suffering a major heart attack. While he was doing well at first, his heart eventually went into a deadly arrhythmia called Ventricular fibrillation, described by the Mayo Clinic as "a ... rhythm problem that occurs when the heart beats with rapid, erratic electrical impulses."

Brian Miller nearly died following a massive heart attack  Miller nearly died as hospital workers worked feverishly to get his heart working again.

"He had no heart rate, he had no blood pressure, he had no pulse, I mean think about that," nurse Emily Bishop told WJW-TV.

It was during this time that Miller said he saw the light at the end of a heavenly tunnel — and was told by his recently-deceased mother-in-law that he needed to return to his body, WJW-TV reported.

"The only thing I remember, I started seeing a light and started walking towards the light," he said, describing flowers that were along his path.

Miller claimed his mother-in-law appeared, with his father-in-law who is also deceased waving to him from afar.

"She was the most beautiful thing when I seen her. It was like the first day I met her. And looked so happy," Miller said. "She grabbed a hold of my arm and she told me, 'It's not your time, you don't need to be here ... you've got things to go down and do."

Meanwhile, hospital staffers were working feverishly to get Miller's heart moving again. Despite shocking him four times, though, his body wasn't responding. Then, Bishop said Miller's pulse started moving again on its own.

"His brain had no oxygen for 45 minutes, so the fact that he is up walking, talking, everything — I mean that's amazing," the nurse told WJW-TV.

Miller said the experience has changed his views on life after death.

"There is an afterlife and people need to believe in it big time," he explained.

Worldwide UFO Reports, Interview With Multiple UFO Sighting Witness

Darin Crapo, UFO Planet 
Take a journey into the unknown with Darin Crapo and examine UFO Sightings recorded over Manhattan, NY, USA; Punta Gorda, Florida, USA; Alien Morphing over Miami, Florida, USA; Ruby Red Orb over California, Jade Rabbit Update and Special Guest Walter Durham from Philadelphia, PA, USA explains to Darin about two UFO sightings he had in PA.

UFO Planet, Episode 99

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Reptilian Humanoid Scares Bicyclist in Sonaran Desert, Arizona

TUCSON, Ariz. (Cryptozoology News) — A group of three mountain bikers reportedly saw a reptilian humanoid last week in the middle of a trail located in the Sonoran desert.
The bicyclists were riding the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo race course, a 17 mile trail, when they spotted the creature.

“It’s a tough one,” said G. Johnson, 34, a self-described businessperson from Tucson. “It is a 24 hour track, so you better come prepared with more than enough food and water. There are times you just wanna go back and wish you had never got there in the first place. But when you see what nature has to offer you here…well, those regrets dissipate rather quickly.”

Johnson states that he and two other friends were half way into the track when something “terrifying” made the group consider cancelling the ride.

“We had been riding for about… I don’t know maybe nine hours, taking breaks every now and then. Then Michael says he needs to stop for a minute. We are waiting for him to finish when all of a sudden we see this long figure walking across the trail. He is maybe about 6-foot tall, very very skinny, and it had an awkward gait, like a monkey…or a man with a disease, almost robotic, kind of,” he told Cryptozoology News.

According to the eyewitness, two of the men were watching the strange animal while the third one, Michael, was unaware of what was happening.

“Then all I remember about Michael is him saying what the hell is that? Or something like that. But he sounded far away. He probably used a different word instead of hell. Thing is, we had somehow walked a little towards the thing. Don’t ask me why…maybe to look at it better, not knowing what it was.”

Then, Johnson says, the creature “heard Michael speak” and, apparently taking notice of the “intruders”, its head took an eerie 280 degree turn.

“He stopped and it made eye contact with me and I could see him clearly. The eyes were kind of like a snake’s, but black and with a yellow stripe in the middle of the eye. It had green and red scales on the face and head. The red color was kind of like the same as the desert sand there, and it looked like it had a sandy texture too. It didn’t have a nose, only two holes on it. I couldn’t see any ears or hair. A red mouth that looked like it had blood around it, but it didn’t look like it was bleeding, it looked like a pattern. It reminded me of a chameleon, but it looked like a person too.”

Allegedly, the creature raised its “long arms with strange looking claws that looked like a branch full of thorns” and waved at them, emitting a loud chattering sound with its teeth. Then it rapidly ran away, in a fashion that reminded the witness of “a lizard trying to hide.”

“He looked like he was examining us and then he ran into the desert. We thought about going back the same way we came, but we thought it didn’t matter, since we were in the middle of the track anyway. We were scared, to be honest. None of us had ever seen anything like it. It lasted only a few seconds, but it felt longer than that, at least to me. So after we talked about it for a while, we decided to go on and finish the track.”

Johnson believes that what they saw was real and not a product of their imagination. “When you read these stories online or watch them on TV, well, you think man these people are crazy, on meds or something or in need of attention, but this has made me a believer. There has to be more of them out there. If there’s one, there’s gotta be two at least right? I know most people won’t believe a word I said, that’s the way I used to be. I don’t blame them at all. But they are out there. Now I’m not saying this is an alien or a chupacabra or anything like it, all I’m saying is I have never seen anything like it in my life. But I am no biologist so what do I know.”

Theories of subterranean “alien” bases are popular in the UFO community and describe the entities as humanoids of reptilian appearance. Southwestern Native American legends tell the story of underground creatures living next to humans for thousands of years. People living around the New Mexico border report seeing strange lights in the sky and bizarre phenomena. Indirectly creating a thin line between cryptozoology and ufology, writer Mac Tonnies, in his book The Cryptoterrestrials: A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us, proposes the idea that certain “alien” sightings could be attributed to the existence of a group of humanoid species endemic to Earth.

Incredible Triangle UFO Over Turbulent Kiev, Ukraine Skies

Posters Comments
Triangular UFO filmed over Kiev, Ukraine on February 19th, 2014

New Skull Emerges Carved From Amethyst and Agate Crystals - Photos


This skull looks like it came straight out of an Indiana Jones film. Carved from amethyst and agate crystals, which historically represent good luck and stability, this incredible gem is 7.6 inches long from front to back. But really, who wouldn't want this guy displayed on their mantle?

Composed of microscopic crystals of Quartz laid down in colorful bands or ribbons. The appearance of the stone is waxy and soft. Almost always translucent and occasionally transparent. Agates are grounding stones. Agates are one of the oldest good luck stones. They help obtain a better physical/emotional balance. They work to raise consciousness. Builds self-confidence. Agate enables the person wearing it to choose their friends carefully. Used to avert from lighting and stormy weather (physically and metaphysically), agate brings prosperity. It is a protector of children. This stone helps us to have patience, and allows for inner peace. Use agate as a gazing tool for divination and meditation. Agate balances emotions and brings insight to any situation. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Witness States UFO Was Bigger Than A House and Silent - New Jersey

UFO Sighting in Vineland NJ (Photo MUFON)
 VINELAND — The truth is out there, and it may have been found in Vineland.
An unidentified resident was headed to sleep around midnight on Nov. 21, 2013 when they noticed bright lights outside of their window — a possible UFO sighting.

The resident, who has yet to be identified, then alerted their fiancee, according to a report made on the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) website on Feb. 5. 
“When we pulled the shade down, we noticed that the lights were so bright that it illuminated the whole front yard,” the report indicated.

The report purportedly describes what the couple saw, consisting of three, low-flying lights in a triangular shape. Their photo depicting the incident also appears on a number of other websites reporting the Vineland saucer.
“The object was bigger than my house,” the report states. “The object was completely silent. The object was flying to the east at a crawl.”
The couple weren’t the only ones to see the unidentified flying objects, according to the report, with the witness finding pictures of the UFOs on their friend’s Facebook the next day.

“At the time, I did not feel (threatened) or scared, I was in awe,” the witness said.
The report and a photo of the UFOs can be found on the MUFON website. MUFON is an organization dedicated to UFO sighting and started in 1969.
“The scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity,” the website states as its motto.
The Vineland UFO sighting was also reported by the Huffington Post and the Examiner, which both took information from the MUFON website.

The object was bigger than my house. The object was completely silent. The object was flying to the east at a crawl.
There was another UFO sighting in Cumberland County during 2013, according to the MUFON website, which occurred on Sept. 10.
A Millville woman and her husband reportedly saw orange lights in the sky, also around midnight, above their neighbor’s shed.
“It passed over our house, looked like a wing and when it passed it covered the stars in the background behind it,” the report states.

There was no sound as the UFO passed over.
“Not sure what we saw, but by the time we got to the front of the house it was in the distance and disappeared.”
MUFON has no formal connection to the government, according to its website, and continues its efforts to convince the government to declassify UFO-related documents.

For those that encounter UFOs, MUFON offers tips that include remaining calm, documenting the event, and reporting the event to a UFO research organization for investigation.

“Should you encounter some type extraterrestrial being associated with the craft be prepared to take evasive action to protect yourself,” MUFON’s website states.
“From a safe distance, in a concealed position photograph or video tape the being. If you are unable to safely get photos of the being, draw and write down a description as soon as it is safe to do so.”
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