Saturday, January 25, 2014

Witness Says UFO Objects in Sky Over Toronto Are Wormholes

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Two videos from Toronto showing clearly the mysterious double halo around the sun has surfaced online and residents were shocked at how clear these lights appeared looking like meteor shaped lights or mistaken for UFO's in some cases.

NASA has a video online which details the sun having actual wormholes that open and close at will but sometimes stay active for twenty minutes, stating also that the sometimes be visible in double halo effects which have optical illusion type halos of electrically charged particles colliding in a magnetic funnel, north and south wormholes are actually more like left and right than top and bottom. NASA also state that they will be able to stabalize their own wormholes which could lead to solar system travel.
This video has no UFO even though origional poster states UFOs.
Its an interesting video

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