Monday, January 20, 2014

Who Will Speak For Earth During UFO/Alien Disclosure?

When First Contact Happens ............. Who Should Speak For Earth

Who should speak on behalf of planet Earth

First Contact with extraterrestrials is not a frivolous topic, it is a subject every thinking man and woman on the planet should consider. When the task of communicating with intelligent life finally arises we need to have a clear plan in place. First and foremost, who should speak on behalf of planet earth?

NASA is a government organization funded by the federal government of the United States. Also, most people of the world don't realize that NASA serves two masters, NASA reports directly to the White House and also to the Department of the Defense (the military).  NASA  cannot secure one dollar for its projects without approval from the military. Therefore current NASA employees should be ruled out as Earth Ambassadors. They certainly should have a seat at the table but with only a minor role, more of technical advisers rather than actual ambassadors.

Political Leaders
There is little doubt that most people that become politicians do so for the right reasons, but they get swallowed up by the political system and change on pretty short order. 
The vast majority of politicians end up caring more about their base of power, their party, reelection or reappointment, their legacy and their finances than the well being of people on planet earth.  This holds true of leaders from Russia to Riyadh and from America to Armenia.  Politicians should be ruled out, no compromises and no exceptions. 

Military Leaders
Many people take the view that if you want to avoid a war then let a military person make the decisions. I don't believe this for a minute, people in the military have been trained to protect the homeland at all cost. The have a full arsenal of weapons at their disposal. Don't get me wrong, I have all the respect in the world for the military I just don't think they should be our first or even a second option as earth ambassadors. They should have a seat at the table but one that is extremely limited. Like NASA more of an advisory role than an ambassador. 

United Nations
 The UN is a political machine that has not been able to prevent war, disputes  or even local skirmishes. They have failed on a massive scale to prevent famine, poverty and have not put a dent into the African aids epidemic. All of the members are appointed through politics or because they donated money to a successful political candidate. They are the poster child for ineffective organizations and should not be involved in first contact in any way whatsoever. No compromises and no exceptions.

The Vatican
Not everyone on the planet is religious, wars have been fought in the name of religion since organized religion was created.  Therefore the Vatican should be discounted no matter what knowledge they possess.  Putting any religious organization in charge of first contact would cause tensions between different organized religions and tensions from those that have no religious affiliation. Also first contact is will not be a religious event even though many people may interpret it that way. No compromises and no exceptions. 

Council of Elders
This would be an international non-government collection of public and non public figures, they would consist of elder statesmen that are at least 60+ years of age. Race, gender, religious affiliation and political ideology should not play any role in the selection process.  They would be retired doctors, philosophers, charity workers, astronomers, scientist, farmers, astrophysicist, biologist, zoologist in essence people that would not have a financial or political stake in any outcome. The number of people that would sit in this council is certainly open for debate but probably six to ten in total. The only prerequisite is that they would be honest people that use critical thought before communicating and making decisions. 

They would have conducted their lives with family first and work second. It would be necessary that they have a realistic positive outlook on life and on the human race. They would not be fatalist that believe mankind is doomed through global warming, political action or any other missteps in behavior.  They would believe and understand that mankind has a significant role to play in the greater universe and strongly believe in the goodness of mankind. 

They would use their collective experience and wisdom  to demand transparency in all talks and  at the same time request affirmation of peaceful negotiations while keeping an open mind. They would search for an environment that would assure a peaceful coexistence for all the parties involved. 

This councils overriding desire would be to leave humanity better off than when they arrived. They would possess the ability to awaken the people of earth to the new reality that they are facing. 

Communication With the People of Earth
 The mainstream media has proven itself to be an ineffective, dishonest communication tool with a political agenda. It has become so ingrained in today's media to sensationalize the news, omit pertinent facts and put a negative slant on every story that it would be best to remove them from the process altogether. No compromises and no exceptions. 

The Council of Elders would collectively communication relevant and important substance of their discussions with the visitors. They would communicate with whatever media source(s) could reach the largest number of people at any one time. 

The council of elder would understand the following
  • They would not want or expect salvation from the visitors
  • First Contact is not a religious event
  • They would not feel hopeless or submissive to what we all assume is superior race
  • Advance technology does not mean advanced ethics, morality or spirituality
  • They would not assume first contact is a mysterious event, it is explainable and comprehensible
  • They would not expect ET's technology to save mankind
  • Just because the visitors have not attacked that their motive are pure.
  • Understand that no beings in the universe (no matter how technologically advanced) have a claim to earth, its resources or people

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