Friday, January 24, 2014

Two Very Compelling UFO Sightings, Bahamas, Northern Ireland

These two somewhat older UFO Sightings are making the rounds on the internet, they are intriguing and compelling.

Location: Bangor N.Ireland
Date: 20/Feb/2011

Witness statement: 
A motorcyclists garage security camera catches a UFO moving intelligently and illuminating the whole area at night over Bangor Town in Northern Ireland on the 20th/02/2013.
Travelling low then ascending to move onwards! turning to avoid obsticals and then making its way off while glowing super bright, the objject surely is a UFO if you ever have seen one.

The origional poster, who questions alien visitation! states UFO or lantern, as he was not there to see with his eyes!

Low Light 1004X camera, wind was going that direction, Also stating: Its in bangor, its a low light cam that run pretty much 24 hours a day the time and date are on bottom of vid cheers

Location: Bermuda Triangle - Seas
Date: 02/Oct/2009

Witness Statement: Filmed these early evening on Oct. 2, 2009 while in the Bermuda Triangle with one other witness. The ship was headed to Nassau, Bahamas. You can't tell by this video, but these objects were very large and VERY bright. There was a third witness confirmed later

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