Monday, January 27, 2014

Daytime Videos Of Fireballs Descending Over San Antonio, Texas

January 2014 there were Reports of a Fireballs descending over San Antonio,Texas. Here is a short video of these Events as they Happened..On January 15, 2014 a Fireball was witnessed and captured on film by two witnesses from different Angles..Another witness was able to take some photos on January-16-2014...Of other Fireballs descending over San Antonio,Texas..Thanks to Rudy R airognol, Adam tripjammer., Karina Gil for sharing them..

First was Witness was Youtube User:R airognol....Fireball from my backyard taken with the Samsung Galaxy 3.

Second Witness was Youtube User:tripjammer......Saw this in the skies above San Antonio, Texas!...

Third Witness Karina Gil was able to take some photos on January-16-2014 of other Fireballs descending..

.Credit Goes To Youtube User:R airognol, Youtube User:tripjammmer,and Karina Gil...
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