Thursday, January 30, 2014

Huge Disc Shaped UFO Observed At Tree Top Level, Washington

Artist Likeness
Two witnesses in Baine Washington saw a very low altitude disc-shaped UFO just above the tree tops. The object was so large and at such a low altitude  they feel certain that other people must have seen it. 

Witness Statement
We were at home, leaning out of our back room window late at night smoking a cigarette when we saw a visibly solid object disc shape descend slowly from the NW and stop - the object became stationary. All the while we observed pulsating red orange yellow redish lights that were visible around the perimeter of the object - the lights pulsated as if in a cycle. 

After several seconds of what appeared to show the object to be in a stationary position - we could tell it was stationary because the object held its outline against the tops of the trees without moving. The event occurred a short distance from our home which we observed directly across a field adjoining our property. As the object began to slowly move again, it appeared to dip slightly and very slowly descended behind the trees and it was then no longer visible. 

Within a few seconds of the object disappearing behind the tree line we saw a helicopter (we think it was) since we often see helicopters flying over the area at night and are able to recognize these, flying quickly in the direction of the object. The helicopter had normal red flash lights. This too disappeared behind the tree line. The object was so large we assume that there must be other reports since this is somewhat of an urban rural area and it just could not have been missed since it was so apparently clear in the sky. 

We were both amazed at this object and somewhat shocked to see this. My husband ran to our kitchen to get his IPHONE in order to get a picture but the object did the slight dip and descended behind the tree line before we could pull up the camera app. This one was the most clear and strangest object we have seen ever. I hope someone else saw this too and reported it because it was amazing and somewhat awesome to see. We can't imagine that no one else would not have seen this.

Source: MUFON
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