Tuesday, January 21, 2014

UFOs Filmed From Train Traveling From Scotland To London

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I saw two strange flying objects when I was traveling on the train from Edinburgh to London Kings Cross. The train left Edinburgh at 2.00pm on 16.01.14 and I spotted the two objects at approximately 2.10pm. The objects seemed to be tube / disc shaped. At first I only saw one object, then a second object came into view - it was some distance behind the first but caught up with it very quickly. 

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It was a clear day - there were no wings to be seen on the objects. I tried my best to video them and eventually managed to do a close up shot of one of them - very tricky on a moving train. I watched them for approximately 3 minutes and then they both rose up into the cloud and disappeared from view. I have used slow motion, close ups and an 'x-ray' on the video - as well as highlighting where to look at the start of the video with two 'red rings'. This was a really puzzling but amazing experience - please leave a comment if you saw these objects on 16.01.14. Thanks for looking.
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