Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two Disc Shaped UFOs Photographed Over Armidale, Australia

While it’s unlikely Armidale is about to come under attack from outer space a local women has captured an image of what appears to be two UFOs near the city.

The photograph was taken by Vangie Esterbauer from a Rockvale Road property last week and shows what seems to be two orbs of light in the sky.

She said the two disc-shaped objects that seem to appear in the image are not planes.

Just what they are is open to speculation.

Eran Segev from Australian Skeptics Inc. said he believes the objects that appear to be in the image are in fact reflections of light.

“I’m almost certain it hasn’t been manipulated,” he said.

“But I think it has been shot through a window because there are several reflective artefacts.

“I  suspect they are two down lights.

“I’m not an expert on these things but as an amateur photographer I’m almost 100 per cent sure that’s what it is.”

Mr Segev said he examined the image closely.

“If it was an exterior object, say, a plane, there would be detail like windows visible in a photo of this quality,” he said.

“The fact it looks like a down light suggests it probably is a down light.

“It’s quite blurry.”

So it would seem if there are life forms from outer space visiting Armidale they are staying hidden.

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