Thursday, December 19, 2013

Amazing Clear Video of UFO Landing in Paris Suburbs

This is probably a fairly well done hoax, we will most likely never know the truth. The person who  filmed this UFO makes a fairly compelling case that it is real. Also, most of the comments seem to indicate that many people believe it to be authentic.

It seems that most people that follow the world of UFOs are always skeptical because the vast majority of UFO videos are out of focus, when one comes along that is in focus those same people say it is too good to be true, therefore it must be a hoax. 

So take what you want from this UFO video, real or hoax, as always it is about what you want to believe. 


Witness Report
Captured 17/13/12, massive flying saucer on Paris, near the Mont Valerian. The object is either a car or a bus size, or more. My hypothesis is that this is probably the size house, something like that, he landed at 300-400 meters from my position. I explain this at the end of the observation, with a little Google Earth analysis.
Secret military ship, unknown object, huge bumblebee? You decide.
Filmed by me in Paris, France, December 2013.
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