Sunday, December 1, 2013

Incredible UFO Footage From Montgomery Alabama

Witness Statement: 
3am,attempting to get back home(vacation) it started as one light that was way out there , disappeared and then just lit up about 500 ft. up from us.sorry for the stability but we were scared as hell. what was weird was the fact that my battery was right at 75% and then it died at the end of the video?

Witness Statement Con't

Also Stating: Just north of Montgomery , Alabama
we took what we thought would be a short cut, as we were trying to make it home sooner(returning from gulf shores , Alabama. .....approx. 3 am in the morning.
what was really weird was the fact that the battery had a complete full charge when started recording, within 2-3 mins the battery was flat lined.
was almost terrified and then a feeling of "oneness".
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