Thursday, November 21, 2013

UFO Over Canterbury was Silent and Changing Colors, UK

A YouTube clip of a mystery light flying over Canterbury has sparked UFO claims.

Father-of-one Sasha Shaker captured the footage on his iPad after wife Carly spotted the blue orb hovering in the sky above Wincheap.

The silent light, which continuously changed shape and colour, was visible from the ground for at least half-an-hour.

Sasha, 33, and Carly were driving home to Victoria Road after a trip to the cinema when they parked up to take a closer look.

He said: "We watched it for about 10 minutes before I went inside and got my iPad.

"I'm not an alien believer or anything, I was just intrigued by what it was.

"It was making no noise and a couple of times moved really quickly from left to right, which made us think it wasn't a remote controlled plane.

"It was pretty much your archetypal UFO; circular, silent and changing colour between blue, red and green. We didn't know what it could be."

Mr Shaker added: "My wife was pregnant and we hadn't been drinking at all, but she did say she was worried I might get probed. For the record, I didn't get probed.

"When I stopped filming, I watched it out of my window for a while and it was still there when I went to bed. I must have watched it for half-an-hour in all.

"I'm just interested to know what it was."

The 90-second video has already been watched 2,000 times and sparked a number of theories about the identity of the strange light.

George Martin wrote on Facebook: "I'm not gonna deny it's a UFO. It's unidentified and flying. But drones and quadcopters are becoming cheaper and cheaper. Mystery solved."

Jon Farrer added: "That's no UFO, it's an RC plane with lights that someone flies from the field at the top of Heaton Road where I live."

And Kristian Gill said: "I knew there were aliens in Wincheap!"

Meanwhile, Darren Wells posted: "Looks like someone playing with a laser pointer."

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