Thursday, November 28, 2013

Bright UFOs Hovering Over Pennsylvanian, Video, Photo

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Once in a while we can bust them doing things that give their mimic away... Just the best part of video of it hovering for 10:50 with another behind it pacing the old coal mine woods. They LOVE these old coal mine areas here in the wooded hills where they have hills to mostly block prying eyes and radar.

They DO similar behavior and appearances over Lake Erie and other worldwide locations -- not just here. FELTON, PA person who contacted MUFON said they have similar UFOs hovering low over woods with different light patterns also doing this now-common mimic of aircraft lights... in large numbers and OFTEN ENOUGH TO STUDY SCIENTIFICALLY -- just like here.

Someone PLEASE get me (or come & help with your own) a real spectrometer so we can figure out their fuel sources!
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