Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bizarre Triangular UFO Filmed over Marana Arizona

It appears that the poster put the wrong date on this video, I believe the actual day the UFO video was taken was Friday November 9, 2013.

Posters Comments (language)
It was a Friday night. Heading from Marana to picture rocks when the object caught my eye. It was very very big triangle shape. Across the road there was 2 other vehicles that stopped and got out of there vehicle to watch what was in the sky. At first I thought maybe it was military until I seen it change shapes and colors. It went straight up and down to sideways. It went very very dim and slowly started moving. To slow for a plane and or helicopter. Then it got very very very bright and huge in shape. Like a triangle shape..boomerang shape..I have a video of it.but I captured the red and white rapid lights and is jumping around quickly. After I stopped filming is when my brother jn law and my fiance seen it change brother in law took a picture ..straight up in the sky and captured a orange orb.i have a video .but in my video you can see the object lights and how fast and slow patters it makes.but can see the shape as good as I seen it with my eyes. The video shows rapid movement and light patterns I was standing still and you can see the object moving crazy like. Sorry for the cuss words I was in shock..but what I describe happend after I filmed. But the rest of what I described is on the video.

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