Thursday, October 24, 2013

UFOs and Orbs Hovering over San Antonio, Texas - Video

October-19-2013 multiple U.F.Os were captured on video traveling high in altitude over San Antonio,Texas.***This U.F.O was captured on video around 3:26 PM***
..As i was Skywatching facing south,i notice this glowing object high in altitude.A glowing U.F.O Orb was observed to be hovering high above...As you can see on the video using the tree tops as reference point..At first this Orb seems to be hovering..But when zooming in.You can clearly see this Orb traveling at a low rate of speed...As you can see on the video this U.F.O Orb was traveling at high altitude right above my house. I did not hear any noise coming from this U.F.O...I followed until it was out of sight...In my opinion this glowing object was clearly no aircraft,weather-balloon or satellite....Clearly an UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT.
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