Thursday, October 24, 2013

Illuminated UFO Filmed Over Kazaskhstan

For those of you who don't know (I didn't), the city of Almaty is the largest city in Kazaskhstan. The city is located in the mountainous area of southern Kazakhstan, near the border with Kyrgyzstan. 

Kazakhstan has had a long history of great UFO sightings, the best one that I can recollect is when a UFO hovered just near the town center in broad daylight. You can follow this link to check it out

To say the video below is a bit suspicious would be a valid statement, I post it because it is interesting and going viral. 

Two young men have managed to make a video of an unidentified flying object that looks amazingly like a classical UFO from American movies hovering over Almaty, Tengrinewsreports.

Description of the YouTube video says that the video was made on October 20 from a window of an apartment building of Shakhristan residential complex (at the crossing of Navoi and Toraigyrov streets)

Posters Comments (google translation)
UFO in the sky over Almatoy yesterday vecherom!

Saemka around Oknata g / k Shahristani

The UFO in the video resembles a disk with some illumination inside. According to the authors of the video, the flying disk was hovering over the buildings for some time, but promptly flied away when they started shooting.

The video uploaded by someone nicknamed zharbek07 is getting a low of views and is widely discussed in the social networks.

UFO experts have made no comments on the video so far.


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