Tuesday, October 15, 2013

UFO Witness Said, It Was A Perfect Shape, it Turned into A Ball And Shotoff

The admin worker, who only gave the name Pauline, spotted it over her Karama home about 9pm on Friday, October 5.

"I got out of the car and sat down at the front and started playing with the dog," the 26-year-old said.
Witness Sketch

"I was sitting outside and I saw white lights flashing above," she said.

"It was lit up for two or three seconds. The whole outline lit up and it was all white. It just turned into a small ball and shot off. It left a thin white line."

The UFO had a "perfect" shape, Pauline said. "The shape of the thing lit up in the sky," she said. "It was a perfect outline. A perfect design. It was so fast I couldn't see where it went."

Pauline told her friends but they fobbed it off until they saw Thursday's NT News front page story about alien abductions.

"I thought I was going crazy," she said. "My mate chucked the newspaper on my desk and said, 'You're not going crazy.'

"I don't believe in UFOs but when I saw that I thought, 'Whoa'. I'm not a believer. I'm not into sci-fi movies or anything."

She said it was over the neighbouring suburb of Leanyer, about 3km northwest and in the opposite direction to the airport.

"It wasn't too far in the sky. It was about mid-range. It was pretty high.

"It was too low for a plane to fly. I live near the airport and see planes a lot. Planes don't fly that low.

"I thought it could've been a plane but no, it couldn't be."

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