Thursday, October 31, 2013

Amazing UFO and Paranormal Activity, Skinwalker Ranch, Military Interview

Col. John Alexander Ret.

Retired Army Colonel John Alexander was part of a group researchers and scientists who investigated reports of cattle mutilations and other strange occurrence at Skinwalker Ranch. The ranch is located southeast of Ballard, Utah, and was previously known as the Sherman Ranch. For years stories of cattle mutilations, sightings of UFOs, orbs and bigfoot, among other paranormal events, have been reported on the ranch.

Alexander on Disclosure
Army Colonel John Alexander believes that the government is not to be trusted on subject of UFO disclosure, he feels like a lot of others that the government is lying about the subject. How would we know what we were being told is the truth? If proponents of this type of disclosure already believe the government cannot be trusted, why would they trust any announcement?

That is a point that is often made by retired Army Colonel, Dr. John Alexander. He is convinced the UFO phenomena is real and is likely of an extraterrestrial nature. However, he feels government disclosure has already happened. The FBI and the Air Force are two examples of government agencies that currently have thousands of files available on their investigations into UFOs. Alexander says they have released all of their research, but they haven't discovered much and are as baffled as the rest of us.

Much has been made of an unofficial group of friends inside intelligence circles Alexander helped to organize that looked into government UFO secrecy. He thought maybe they would find a group of secret keepers. What he found is that the topic is a bit of a hot potato. No one wants to deal with it, because it is too weird and they fear ridicule. He thinks the real lack of serious investigation by the government is due more to incompetence than anything else. However, he does feel official investigation is needed and advocates for organized research into the topic.
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