Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NASA UFO Photo Shows 3 Cylinder Objects Close To Moon Surface

Huge cylindrical UFOs spotted in Apollo 9 photo

A government case file added to the Black Vault website recently is an image of the moon taken during the Apollo 9 mission in 1969. The photograph, which can be found on NASA’s website, shows what appear to be three large cylindrical objects. They look as though they are in close proximity to the moon.

UFOs near the moon? Close-up of the moon from NASA Apollo 9 image AS09-23-3500. (Credit: NASA)
At NASA’s website the image is labeled AS09-23-3500. The site lists the technical specifications of the camera the photograph was taken with, but does not include a caption. The only thing listed as a feature is the words, “LUNAR VIEW.”

Apollo 9 Command/Service Modules (CSM) nicknamed “Gumdrop” and Lunar Module (LM), nicknamed “Spider” are shown docked together as Command Module pilot David R. Scott stands in the open hatch. Astronaut Russell L. Schweickart, Lunar Module pilot, took this photograph of Scott during his EVA as he stood on the porch outside the Lunar Module. (Credit: NASA / Russell L. Schweickart)

The UFO moon image was taken on March 10, 1969. Often UFO images taken by astronauts turn out to be reflections or debris that is closer than it appears. You can download this image from NASA’s website yourself. Zoom in and see what you think.

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