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Moving Letter About the Death of an Important Roswell Witness

This article was written by Dr. Richard O'Connor a close friend to Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. and a good friend to Educating Humanity. The library will continue to serve as a repository for legitimate UFO information and as a memorial to both Jesse Marcel Sr. and Jesse Marcel Jr. It is worth a visit if you have not been.

Dr. Richard O'Connor also established the Crop Circle Research Foundation Website. Take a look, you will find very thoughtful, intelligent articles and comments by some of the most respect Ufologists from around the globe. 

This article that Richard has written gives you as honest look at the Marcel's and their story about Roswell. 
Dr. Jesse A. Marcel, Jr: A Friend To Humanity
by Dr. Richard O'Connor, M.D.
I am saddened by the news that Dr. Jesse A. Marcel passed away on August 24, 2013. I had the privilege and pleasure of becoming acquainted with Dr. Jesse A. Marcel, Jr. 25 years ago when I joined the medical staff of St. Peter’s Hospital in Helena, MT in July of 1988. At that time Dr. Marcel was working as an ENT surgeon in private practice in Helena and he was also on the medical staff of St. Peter’s Hospital. As an anesthesiologist I worked side-by-side with Dr. Marcel in the operating rooms of St. Peter’s for perhaps a decade before Dr. Marcel left his private practice and began working as an ENT surgeon at Helena’s Ft. Harrison VA Hospital. Dr. Marcel was always a pleasure to work with. He was always a gentleman, always kind and caring to his patients, and he was never one to emphasize operating room efficiency over patient safety. Over the course of these 25 years I became very well acquainted with Dr. Marcel, and I will say without reservation that knowing him has, as of long ago, resulted in a definite change in the course of my own life and my understanding of a great many issues. It has been primarily through my friendship with Dr. Marcel that I have come to several profound realizations.
First and foremost is the knowledge that we human beings are not alone in this universe as intelligent, sentient beings. Now, it is one thing to acknowledge that yes, it is very likely that there are other intelligent beings “out there” in the universe. Today, most people believe this. Yet still today, it is quite another thing to say that not only are there other intelligent beings “out there”, but some of them have already found their way here to planet Earth, that they have been operating technologically advanced machinery in our atmosphere, and in July of 1947 one of those technologically advanced machines crashed into the desert outside of Roswell NM and was quickly recovered, along with its occupants, by our own U.S. military. Incredibly, this was an event which our U.S. military and our government officials continue to deny to this very day.
Let me say this loud and clear: I know Dr. Jesse Marcel personally. I had many conversations with him about the Roswell UFO event. I know that Dr. Marcel is not a liar and he is not prone to fantasy. He was one of the most decent individuals I have ever met in my life. I vouch for Dr. Marcel’s integrity and his honesty. Therefore, when Dr. Marcel tells us that his father, USAF Major Jesse A. Marcel Sr., recovered the debris from a crashed UFO of non-Earth origin, that he brought those materials home and showed them to Dr. Marcel and his mother “Vi”, and he plainly stated that those materials were “not from this Earth”, then this is, without question, exactly what happened. Any other history of this event which you have heard proffered over the years by our U.S. military/government is a lie and is intended to deceive you.
Conjectures and opinions regarding why such a lie was deemed to be necessary at that time, and has been maintained up through and including this very moment in time, have filled chapters in books. The real reasons behind the lie will be clarified when the Truth about the Roswell event is finally and officially revealed, and that day will come thanks to this man and his father, who were both bold enough to tell the world the Truth. Dr. Marcel travelled the world to speaking engagements where he courageously told his story to a skeptical world. Even during these latter years when, in failing health, long distance travel had become an uncomfortable burden for him, he continued to travel to countries throughout the world and faithfully deliver his message. Although Dr. Marcel’s life was intimately enmeshed with the U.S. military and he was truly a dedicated U.S. military officer, we must admire his tenacity, his integrity, and his courage, acknowledging that he never backed away from an opportunity to inform the world about this important Truth. His narrative of the event adhered unwaveringly to the facts that he knew to be true about the Roswell event. He refused to be seduced into embellishing those facts into a more elaborate account that could then be attacked as fiction. The line of naysayers attempting to debunk the Roswell event has been long, persistent, well organized, and well funded.
At this gathering we can consider what each of us might do to honor the legacy of this great man, Dr. Jesse Marcel, who so loved and fought for this country while also carrying the banner of the Roswell Truth. So much has been published about the Roswell event in the press, print, and video that we might conclude that the Truth has been revealed and that the battle is essentially over, but nothing could be further from the Truth. Our military and our government have been painted into a corner with regard to the Truth about Roswell. In revealing the Truth about Roswell, at this point they are “damned if they tell the Truth and they are damned if they don’t”. As citizens of this great country, it is now up to each one of us to gracefully allow our U.S. military/government to extricate itself from this conundrum. We must all understand that the realization of initial Contact between our civilization and another sentient species comes only one time, and there are no rehearsals. There exists no model for how to do it right. What is clear to me is that the only route of escape from this conundrum will be built upon a path of forgiveness while sounding a call for amnesty.
Make no mistake, when the Truth regarding Roswell is finally forced from the closet and spoken out loud by a voice from officialdom, the naysayers are going to be out in force and they are going to be very upset to say the least. Most of our citizens will express their indignation at having been lied to about this important reality for so many years. Some will be inclined to take their indignation to an extreme. There will be important lessons for every citizen to learn about why we must stay informed and involved in an age when increasing government secrecy and downright deception are political strategies which are accepted and utilized to engineer public perception and opinion. Many will be struggling to integrate this new awareness into their own world view or into their individual religious beliefs. There will be many who will feel fearful of attack or oppression by a technologically superior and potentially overwhelming force. Our military will have to admit that they cannot control our airspace. I have even heard some say, only half-jokingly, that we can only hope that the ETs are vegetarians.
Those of us who have listened to and accepted Dr. Marcel’s message to humanity will simply shrug our shoulders when the Truth is finally revealed and say, “I already knew this. Dr. Marcel and his father told us this a long time ago. We have not been attacked in the 67 years since we became aware of their existence, so that scenario doesn’t seem likely. Let us put the past behind us but learn from it, let us open our hearts and our minds, and let us find out what we can learn through an open and, above all, peaceful relationship with these new neighbors. Let us engage in the study of what are likely to be more ancient civilizations that we can then utilize to help improve our own civilization here on Earth”. It is now left up to each one of us to help make humanity’s transition into this new reality a smooth and promising transition while leaving fear, doubt, anger, and especially any thoughts of retribution behind. This, I believe, is what Dr. Marcel wanted to see happen and what he did his best to accomplish in the time that he was allowed.
The Jesse A. Marcel Library has been established and has been named in honor of these two great men who had the courage to tell the world the Truth that “we are not alone”. Through their efforts we can now know an extremely important Truth: there exist highly intelligent and technologically advanced beings who have arrived to this planet and who are very likely engaged in a program of close observation of planet Earth and our human civilization. The Jesse A. Marcel Library will continue to serve as a repository of available information about the UFO phenomenon, and a station where the free exchange of that information may take place among concerned citizens in an environment that is free of deception, free of judgment, and free of ridicule. Within its walls will always resound a call for amnesty and understanding for those, primarily in the U.S. military, who inherited the unprecedented and daunting task of determining how best to break the news of this new reality to a world in which a complex and fragile web of political power, economics, and especially the social order had to be preserved. However, we will continue to insist that the time for the telling of that Truth is NOW!, and we will continue to work to make that happen. All are invited to come to the Jesse A. Marcel Library and participate in helping to educate one another about this subject, brought to you by Major Jesse A. Marcel Sr., and Dr. Jesse A. Marcel Jr., which is arguably the most fascinating and the most important subject of our age. I will see you at the Jesse A. Marcel Library. and perhaps Dr. Marcel will, in some way or another, be there with us. Thanks, Jess, for all that you did and tried to do to make this world a more enlightened place. You will be missed!
Richard O’Connor, M.D., a friend of Dr. Jesse Marcel.

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