Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Great UFO Photos Taken By Aeronautical Engineer in Devon

A pair of 'flying saucers' were inadvertently captured on camera while a holidaymaker was taking pictures at a seaside resort.

Welsh tourist Haydn Morgan only noticed the unidentified shapes when he got home and examined his pictures.

The two objects were pictured high in the sky above the pretty coastal town of Kingswear, in Devon.

The former Navy aeronautical engineer said he took the picture at 1.39pm on Wednesday but the two objects had disappeared by the time he took his next photo nine seconds later.

Mr Morgan said: 'I was on the ferry rattling off snaps.

'I looked at the cloud and it looked a bit strange, so I took a couple of shots of it.

'When you blow the larger one up there seems to be something in the centre.

'I'm not a crank. I spent 27 years in the Fleet Air Arm, flying around.'

Last week, Cornish newsagent William Fathers captured an image of sunlight reflecting off the sea which looked for a minute as if a UFO was coming in to land in the harbour.

Mr Fathe, of Polperro, joked that he feared an alien such as E.T. was descending when he saw the strong blue shaft of light on the harbour.

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