Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mysterious Black- Robed Soccer Fans Speak of Aliens, Photo, Video

Soccer-playing aliens are coming … or something.

Whether this is an elaborate marketing ploy, a spoof on society or "real" it certainly interesting and entertaining!

The video above features Franz Beckenbauer, storied international soccer star and manager. Beckenbauer, who until very recently appeared to still have all of his faculties, shared an entirely bizarre message via the YouTube account of Mysterious Circles.

“Do you think aliens exist? Do you think they play sports?” Beckenbauer asked. “Friends, I have some horrifying news. The answer to both of these questions is ‘yes."

OK, not entirely certain why aliens playing sports is horrifying, but this is the greatest German soccer player to ever step on a pitch, so let’s go with it for now.

“Yes, aliens, and they want to play football against us,” Beckenbauer continued. “The problem is, if we lose, they will destroy the planet.”

The video concludes with a promise of more information to come on Nov 1, 2013.

Beckenbauer’s message was accompanied by the appearance of a group of men in black robes at the Bayern Munich, Chelsea, and Juventus matches over the weekend. The men’s robes displayed the Mysterious Circles insignia, thus ruling out conventions for The Cure or Twilight.

The Mysterious Circles logo also appeared in Times Square last week.

Are we facing an alien invasion? If not, it’s the most elaborate marketing campaign ever launched by Adidas or Nike (Puma is too cool for these shenanigans, right?). Mysterious Circles leaves plenty to the imagination on its website and on social media. Simply promising to unveil more in November.

Seriously, if this is just a campaign for the newest Predator or Vapor soccer cleat and not aliens, I’m going to be disappointed.

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